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Issue 009: 2nd April 2007

Welcome to the latest issue of the IFP Newsletter.

UK Government Abolishes Tax on Homes Abroad

The UK Government has announced that it will no longer consider the ownership of a home abroad held through a company to be a taxable benefit.

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France Remains Tourism Top Spot

France retained its place as the most popular tourist destination in the world in 2006, with 78 million visitors, an increase of nearly 2 million over 2005.


Dordogne Farmer Guilty of Killing Two Work Inspectors

A French farmer living in the Dordogne has been sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for the murder of two government work inspectors.

Dordogne Farmer

French ‘Rock' Legend Applies for Belgian Nationality

Ageing French ‘rock’ legend Johnny Halliday has relocated to Switzerland to reduce his liability to French taxes, and has applied for Belgian nationality with the same objective in mind.


French Government Tightens Laws on Expat Social Security Rights

The French Government has tightened laws on the rights of expats from the European Community to French social security benefits.

Social Security

Wine Consumption in France Drops Back

At a time when consumption of wine throughout the world is on the increase, the French are drinking less of their national tipple, according to a recent study carried out for Vinexpo the world wine exhibition based in Bordeaux.

Wine Consumption

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