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Issue 027: 15th Jan 2008

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Health Cover for Early Retirees

With the French Government circular on health cover now published, what are the circumstances in which early retirees can join the French national health system?


Aude Best Place to Live in France

The best place to live in France is Aude, in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon, according to a recent survey of 'quality of life' factors carried out by French weekly magazine L’Express.


Popular Savings Scheme to be Expanded

A highly popular tax-free savings scheme is to be made available to all banks to distribute, ending an historic monopoly held by two banks.


France Opens For Sale

As shops throughout France open their doors for the winter sales, the Government takes further steps towards the more general liberalisation of retailing.


World Demand Forces Review of Champagne Boundaries

The designated area of the eponymous sparkling wine region is to be extended, a change that is likely to make some local landowners millionaires overnight.


Guide to Higher Education in France

We are pleased today to announce the release of our Guide to Higher Education in France.

Higher Education

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