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Issue 043: 2nd October 2008

Welcome to the latest issue of the IFP Newsletter.

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French-property.com – Still No 1 in Google

As part of the month-long celebration of its tenth anniversary Google has published its oldest recorded search listings.

French-property.com – Still No 1 in Google

French Banks: Le Crédit Crunch in France

With the world financial system in turmoil, no country is immune from the crisis, but France seems a safer bet than most.

Credit Crunch in France

Sharp Drop in French Wine Harvest for 2008

The wine harvest is taking place under sunny skies in France, but there is concern amongst many about the outlook for both production and demand.

French Wine Harvest 2008

Notaire Charges and French Marriage Contracts

The best way for a married couple to shield themselves from French inheritance laws is to adopt a French marriage contract, but we have come across some surprising variations in the charges made by notaires.

French Marriage Contracts

Ryanair Contracts with French Regional Airports

French auditors have raised questions about the terms offered to Ryanair to operate flights from regional airports, but this has not stopped the airline from announcing expansion plans in France.

French Regional Airports and Ryanair

Heating Costs in France for Low Income Households

Households on a tight budget in France can get assistance with oil, electricity and gas heating costs. We review what is available.

Help with Heating Costs

Water Resources and Private Property in France

Continuing our 'Guide to Property Rights in France', this week we take a look at the legal position concerning the use and abuse of water resources on or near your French property.

Water and Property in France

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