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Issue 042: 16th September 2008

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Interest Free French Mortgages for Home Energy Conservation

Interest free mortgage loans of up to €30,000 are to be introduced for those who undertake energy conservation works in their home.

Mortgages for Home Energy Conservation in France

French House-Building Contracts

A recent report draws attention to the need for vigilance when it comes to signing a French house-building contract.

House-Building Contracts in France

Tax Demands and Income Tax Payments in France

With the onset of autumn, the French tax authority is sending out income tax demands.

Payment of French Income Tax

Study Confirms Quality of French Healthcare

A new American study confirms France as having the best system of healthcare in the world.

French Healthcare Report

Civil Partnerships and Property Ownership in France

France does not currently recognise a UK civil partnership, although if you are in one, you cannot then enter a French civil partnership!

Civil Partnerships and French Property Ownership

Environmental Performance of French Agriculture

In a wide-ranging report on the environmental performance of agriculture across the globe, the OECD says France could do better.

OECD Report on Agriculture in France

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