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Issue 028: 1st Feb 2008

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France a Country of ‘Micro’ Housing Markets

France has become a country of ‘micro-markets’, according to two recent reports on the state of the French housing market.

French Property Market

A Plan for the Liberation of France

One of the most important reports in decades on the future of France has been presented to the French Government, but will its recommendations ever see the light of day?

Attali Commission

France European Champion at Births

The population of France grew by 360,000 last year, with the majority of births now happening outside of marriage. The study also showed that France continues to age, and that the population is drifting South.

France Population Update

Putting Your Child into a French School

As an increasing number of younger families now choose to live in France, what arrangements can you expect for your child to be taught French?

Schools in France

French Government Suspends GM Crops

The French Government have suspended the planting of GM crops, but do not bet your shirt that it presages a 'green' revolution in French agriculture.

GM crops in France

Shake-Up Planned for French Television

President Sarkozy has announced a radical shake up of French television, including the abolition of adverts on the public television channels.

French Television

Government Concedes Further Ground on Health Cover

The French Government have conceded that all EU expats legally resident in France as at 23rd November 2007, will be able to join the French health system.

French healthcare update

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