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Issue 029: 15th Feb 2008

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Tough New Measures on Drink and Driving

The Government has announced a number of tough new measures in the battle against drink-driving, including impoundment of the vehicle and compulsory installation of an ‘alcolock’ immobilisation system.

Drink Driving in France

French Land Registry Plans Go Online

The French tax authorities have recently placed on-line the land registry plans, providing yet another useful source of property information for international French property buyers.

Cadastre Online

Slow Progress on Health Cover Registrations

The wheels of bureaucracy move in a very ‘Gradgrind’ manner in France, as local health authorities await news from the Ministry of Health as to who is, and who is not, now eligible to receive health cover in France.

French Healthcare Update

French Bank Charges Go Down

A recent survey of French bank charges shows that, contrary to the significant rises that have occurred in the UK, French banks actually reduced their charges in 2007.

Bank Charges in France

Government Sets New Limits on Rent Increases

The French Government has introduced new controls on rents for residential property lettings.

Renting Property in France

Guide to Noise Nuisance Complaints

We are pleased today to announce the release of our Guide to dealing with noise nuisance problems in France.

Noise Nuisance in France

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