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Issue 031: 18th March 2008

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The Price of Building Land in France

The price of building land in France averaged €67m² in 2006, but varied from €17m² in Limousin to €245m² in the Paris region, according to a recent report published by the French Government.

Building Land in France

Chambres d’hôtes Lose Tax Concession

The French Government has removed tax breaks for rural chambres d’hôtes, which will now be liable for local rates.

Chambres d’hôtes

Low Cost Regional Air Traffic Rises by 20% in 2007

Low-cost airlines continue to generate the growth in passsenger traffic to airports in France, whilst Air France decides to cut some internal routes because of competition from the TGV.

Low Cost Regional Air Traffic in France

Mayors Doubtful About Securing Septic Tank Compliance

The French Government has insisted on a programme of inspection and upgrading of all septic tank sewage systems, but local mayors have recently expressed doubts that either can be achieved.

Septic Tanks

Social Security Contributions for the Self Employed

Recent rule changes on social security contributions grant some new relief to a small business, as they cap the level of social security contributions payable by a small business to a maximum percentage of turnover.

Social Security Contributions in France

Guide to Rights of Way in France

We are pleased today to release our Guide to Rights of Way in France.

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