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Issue 030: 4th March 2008

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Alpine Ski Stations Continue to Outstrip French Property Market

The price of Alpine ski resort properties continues to outstrip the main French property market, according to a new market report.

French Alpine Property Market

Brits Show Reserve Over Local Elections

The local elections take place in France on 9th March, and whilst Brits have the right to vote, few seem to have taken up the opportunity to do so.

French Local Elections

School Reforms – Vive La France et Le Français

The Minister of Education has announced new primary school reforms, with a heavy emphasis on a return to basics and moral education.

French School Reforms

Foie Gras To Be World Heritage Food?

France is to make application to UNESCO for French gastronomy to be placed on the World Heritage List.

Foie Gras

Resurrection of Whit Monday Public Holiday

The ‘day of solidarity’ for the elderly has proved to be not so solid, so the Government has decided to return to the traditional the Whitsun public holiday.

Whit Monday Bank Holiday in France

Tax and Rental Income on French Property

Renting out French property is a tax efficient method of earning an income in France, but different approaches bring their different rewards.

Taxation of French Property

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