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Issue 034: 1st May 2008

Welcome to the latest issue of the IFP Newsletter.

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France's Tough New Immigration Policies

A recent study points to the restrictive nature of French immigration policy, making it one of the toughest amongst the countries of ‘Old Europe’.

France Immigration

Radar Blackspots in France

France has over a thousand radars on its roads, and motorists are being caught out most frequently in some of the unlikeliest places.

Radars in France

Six New Taxes Introduced in the Past Year

Six new taxes have been introduced in France in the past year, with new taxes currently under discussion.

New Taxes in France

Ryanair-Bergerac Contract May Not Be Legal

French Government auditors have questioned the legality of the contract between Ryanair and Bergerac airport.


Your French Income Tax Return

With income tax returns now being sent out, we go through some of the main points you need to consider in completing the return.

French Income Tax Return

Guide to Household Insurance

We are pleased to announce the release of the first part of our Guide to Household Insurance in France, with a review of the main providers of insurance, and how you might be able to go about making the best choice.

Guide to Household Insurance

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