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Issue 037: 16th June 2008

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Record Number of Tourists to France in 2007

France remains the world's favourite tourist destination, receiving a record number of 82 million visitors in 2007.

Tourism in France

French Property Surveys Under Question

A French consumers' organisation has published disquieting results of a study into the statutory property surveys undertaken prior to the sale of a property.

French Property Surveys

New French Baccalaureate Planned for 2009-2012

President Sarkozy has announced a radical reform of the baccalaureate qualification, bringing to an end the current streaming of pupils into different disciplines.

New French Baccalaureate

France Revises Upwards its Population Forecast

France will see strong demographic growth to the period 2050, with over 9 million new residents, most heading south and west, and one in three likely to be over 60 years of age.

France Population Forecast

Uncertain Outlook Causes Rise in Equity Release

With retirement pensions under pressure, notaires are reporting an increase in the demand for equity release.

French Viager

Tax Inspections in France

With your French income tax return now submitted, all you now have to worry about is a knock on the door from the taxman, undertaking a tax inspection. We take a look at the procedures and the risk.

Tax Inspections

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