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Issue 038: 1st July 08

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Buy to let Property in France

Buy to let properties in France offer significant tax benefits to investors, but you need to choose your property and area with care.

Buy to let Property in France

Tour de France Goes Back to its Roots

This year’s Tour de France starts on 5th July, an event that is both a sporting and panoramic spectacle.

Tour de France 2008

Choosing a French Bank Card

You can pay anything from around €10 to €300 a year for a bank card, so which one should you choose?

French Bank Cards

Sarkozy Grabs the TV Remote

President Sarkozy has caused uproar in France by announcing radical changes to the operation of the French public TV channels.

French Television

French Vineyard Prices Up by 11% in 2007

The price of vineyards rose by 11% in 2007, to average €93,500 per hectare, but this figure masks big disparities between regions.

French Vineyard Prices

Pool Alarms Fail Safety Tests

Doubts have been expressed concerning the efficacy of swimming pool alarms following official tests carried out on a number of leading models.

Pool Alarms in France

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