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Biscarosse is a commune of the Landes department, mainly renowned amongst tourists for its sea resort area known as Biscarosse-plage. Two beautiful lakes border the town of Biscarosse. The total area of the commune is quite huge, but is covered on two thirds by a forest. Three different poles are usually distinguished: the town, the sea and the lakes.


With 19,308 hectares, the commune offers an extraordinary quality of life to its inhabitants with 13,000 hectares of forest and 3,200 hectares of lakes. Water is omnipresent in Biscarosse’s landscape and constitutes a major asset.

Most of inhabitants (10,000) live in the dynamic centre of Biscarosse-ville. 9 km from there, 1,500 people live all year-round in the sea resort called Biscarosse-Plage. Of course, the population largely increased with the summer crowd. Biscarosse-Lac, located 7 km from the city centre, is a residential area of 1,500 inhabitants. It is a beautiful place where the golf course and the Mougin and Navarosse harbours are located.The diversity of landscapes and thus, the many activities you can do, makes Biscarosse a very atttractive place.

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Biscarosse Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The department of Landes suffers from a lack of building plots. Therefore, there has been a continuous increase in prices, with a peak from September 2007 to September 2008. Prices have slightly decreased since then. However, average prices in the Landes departement are quite similar to the national average.

What you have to know, is that the south of the department is more expensive than the north. For an apartment in Biscarosse, allow €2,000/sq m, while it is almost twice the price in the south in Hossegor or Capbreton. Thus, Biscarosse can be seen as a good place to invest, as it is not too expensive for the department.

70% of properties in Biscarosse are houses, and the majority of them are 3 bedroom-houses.In the commune of Biscarosse, only 48% are main houses and 46% are second homes. It is due to the many assets which make Biscarosse a perfect place to spend holidays.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Biscarosse

Nice south weather, 9 km of coast with its many water and wind activities, large pine trees forest and their particular smell… Biscarosse is just a heavenly place to buy a property.

  • Activities and water sports: with endless sandy beaches on 9 km of coast, Biscarosse is really the town where to buy a property if you like all the activities the sea can offer you. Moreover, with the windy conditions, it is exactly the place where to try new sports as the Kitesurf or other extreme sports. The two lakes offer also the opportunity either to do water sports, such as rowing, windsurf, kitesurf, etc., either to swim in a clean warm and salt-free water.

  • Tranquility: in spite of not being far from the big city of Bordeaux, Biscarosse can be seen as a haven of peace. It offers you calm and serenity, with a luxuriant and varied nature. Even though the area gets crowded in summer, its large area enables residents to isolate themselves from the crowd. As a result there are many houses hidden in the forest, which brings both silence and freshness thanks to the shade of the trees.

  • Location: not far from the Pyrenees and the Iberian peninsula, Biscarosse is well located if you want to discover and take advantage of the surroundings or go skiing during the winter for instance. The area of Biscarosse supplies plenty of marvels, in both summer and winter.The sea resort is located 2h15 from Bordeaux, where you will find both a large railway station and an international airport flying frequently to UK (with British Airways particularly).

  • Sea: very popular, Biscarosse-plage is a beautiful sea resort. Thanks to the marvellous sandy beaches, lots of tourists want to go there. That is why you will easily find someone interested in renting your property if you decide to buy one in this charming town.

Property Styles and Architecture in Biscarosse

  • Oustaù: built in the heart of a clearing, the oustaù, is a traditional house of the Landes forest. It is a half-timbered house, which has the wooden framework filled in with cobs or bricks. Its roof has three sections for two reasons: the house, oriented towards the east, benefit from the early freshness of the day. The roof section situated on the west almost touches the ground. This is made to protect the house from the violent wind and rain, which sometimes occur in the region.

  • Longères: these are rural houses, usually built with materials from the region. The name Longère comes from their shape, because they are long houses, often made of several buildings aligned. Those houses are usually single-storey houses and rarely exceed one storey. Often, those houses include a large courtyard in front of the house, as it was really useful for the former agricultural exploitation. Nowadays, the Longères are beautifully renovated and have become a warm living environment.

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