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Bordeaux is one of the biggest French cities. Located in the Aquitaine region, it is Gironde’s main city. Its refined charm and economic appeal are its main assets, as well as its huge historical legacy visible in the architecture. This often seduces foreign buyers interested in buying a second home in Bordeaux. The climate is that of Southern France and the region is regularly praised for its quality of life. Welcome to Bordeaux!


The city can basically be divided in three parts as follows: the old quarters of Bordeaux, the ancient suburbs and the outskirts of the city. These three parts of the city have very different economic sectors, cultures and historical backgrounds. Depending on your dreaming house, just choose your favourite area in this wonderful city!

Bordeaux is a great choice if you want to buy a second home in France for holidays. The surroundings of the city are really nice and the housing prices still affordable. In the classification of the most expensive French towns (according to the housing prices per square metre), Bordeaux is only the 542nd one.

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Bordeaux Immobilier & Property Market Trends

During the last few months, the property market in Bordeaux has followed the national trend: less demand for houses, fewer transactions. However, Bordeaux is still one of the cheapest towns in the South of France, especially when compared to other cities with the same size.

The tramway has brought much added value to ancient quarters which were not well connected to the rest of the city, and the many buildings now registered by Unesco make the pride of the city. Property prices are around €2,800/ sq. metre for ancient properties and €3,500 / sq m for new properties.

Delays for property sales in Bordeaux have more than doubled, and prices may be amended accordingly, except in the city-centre where prices are stable.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Bordeaux

  • Vineyards: Bordeaux has some of the best vineyards of the world. The first vineyards date from the Gaul period. Do visit one of the numerous wine properties and taste a glass of Bordeaux wine, you will not be disappointed!

  • Historical background: Bordeaux was founded in the 3rd century BC by the Gauls. The Romans highly complemented the town, building bridges and theatres that make today the pride of the city. Nowadays, we can still notice that Bordeaux’s architecture has been deeply influenced by the Romans.

  • Diversity: There are many quarters in Bordeaux. Whatever the way of living you would adopt, you will for sure find what you want in this city. For instance, the quarter called Les Quais is a great one - if you fancy a walk by the Garonne river, when La Victoire is the “student” quarter with an active nightlife and plenty of monuments.

  • Good transport links: Bordeaux is connected to Paris (A10 motorway), to Périgueux and Clermont-Ferrand (A89), to Toulouse (A62) and to Spain (A63). The Saint-Jean station is the main railway station, with destinations such as Spain or Paris. The city has a tramway but no underground transport. The Mérignac airport offers 140 daily flights to 60 cities worldwide.

  • Sightseeing: There are many tourist attractions in Bordeaux. Amongst which the place de la Comédie (place Gambetta) and the place des Grands Hommes. The Cours de l'Intendance is also a great place which you should visit, as well as the Saint-Andrew cathedral and the Pey-Berland tower.

Property Styles and Architecture in Bordeaux

Many of the most treasured examples of Bordeaux's architecture date from the 18th century. Most of these buildings are now in the midst of a restoration project that will probably last several years.

  • 18th century houses: in Bordeaux’s city centre, there is a plenty of big houses from the 18th century which main features are light-coloured stonewalls, facades with lots of decorations (carved masks on the fronts in Place Gambetta for instance) and large wrought iron balconies.

  • Chateaux: very famous castles like the Chateau Lafite-Rotschild, the Chateau Margaux or the Chateau Latour.

  • Maisons de Maîtres: massive houses characterised by huge doors and windows, large balconies, as well as swimming-pools and numerous outbuildings.

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