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Libourne is located close to Gironde’s border with the Dordogne departement, at the confluence of the Isle and Dordogne Rivers. This commune is the wine-making capital of the northern part of the Gironde departement. Libourne is located only 9km away from the famous village of Saint-Emilion, where one of the most popular French wine is produced. Indeed St Emilion belongs to Bordeaux’s wine area and - even if this commune’s region is much smaller than the Medoc one – has been classified since 1955.

Libourne was built during the 13th century when King Edward I of England decided to use the great location of this area for a commercial purpose. This commune was primarily built as a bastide town (Middle-Ages town) and passed into French hands in the 15th century.


At the heart of vineyards - very close to the wine-making village St Emilion - in a gorgeous typical south-western setting, Libourne is a pleasant town to live in. Libourne offers many castles, traditional marketplaces, wide boulevards, rivers and greenery. You will definitely be seduced by the elegance of this charming commune, the history of which is fascinating.

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Libourne Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property in Libourne reveals a similar trend than in Arcachon: properties tend to be quite expensive, as Libourne is becoming a more and more famous destination - especially for holidaymakers. However property prices are pretty low in comparison with Bordeaux.

If you plan to buy a property in Libourne, you will pay about €1,950 per square metre. Buying a house will cost you between €145,000 and €203,000 (4 rooms). Do plan between €2,580 and €3,370 per square metre for a new apartment (2 rooms).

Studio flats and small properties are pretty rare in Libourne. Indeed you will more easily find properties with at least 3 rooms, than a studio.

According to a survey, about 89% of the houses in Libourne are main homes. So if you buy a holiday home there, you will have the chance to belong to the few people who stay in Libourne as holidaymakers.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Libourne

The quality lifestyle of Libourne is actually the main reason why you should buy a property there. This commune benefits indeed from numerous advantages - geographically and economically speaking - and is the most attractive commune of north-eastern Gironde.

  • Vestiges: archways, medieval gates, etc - you will find plenty of vestiges of the surrounding walls around the fortified town. The Porte du Grand Port is the last remaining medieval gate in Libourne (there were 9 gates at its creation). Its 2 huge cylinder-shaped towers are pretty impressive. The place de la Bastide, recently renovated, is the central and meeting point of the bastide town.

  • Sights: there are many places of interest in Libourne. Amongst others: the Gothic Church - the stone spire which is 71 metres (232 feet) high – the Archaeology and Beaux Arts museum and the machicolated clock-tower located on the quay, which is a relic of the 14th century ramparts.

  • Various activities: let’s taste the delicious local produce by visiting the Place Abel Surchamp, which hosts every week 3 markets. Libourne’s colourful markets are the largest fresh food markets of the region. Food fairs were introduced in Libourne in the 13th century. They have endured the test of time and are still present today. These lively and picturesque fairs will bring you into the deep traditions of Libourne.

  • Culinary specialities: wine plays a major role in Libourne’s food traditions. Indeed, the commune is located near the famous villages of Saint-Emilion and Pomerol. Many dishes are made of meat cooked with wine, such as the entrecôte à la Saint-Emilionnaise (rib steak). Fish can definitely not be ignored in Libourne region, as rivers also influence its gastronomy. You can taste for instance delicious eels or shads. Duck foie gras is also one of the specialities of the town.

  • Castles: there are many castles in the Gironde department, Libourne is not an exception to the rule! Do not miss the Château de Vayres - one of the most beautiful monuments of the Aquitaine region. This castle was originally a stronghold belonging to King Henri IV of France. It was then reworked during the Renaissance and later in 1700. This classified historical monument and its gorgeous garden are worth a visit.

Property Styles and Architecture in Libourne

Like every bastide towns, Libourne’s layout is special. The town has a perpendicular plan with streets laid out at right angles. The Place Abel Surchamp is a great example of the 13th-century town planning. Libourne’s central market square is indeed characterized by four covered archways - of exactly equal size - and elaborate Art Nouveau buildings’ front façades.

  • 18th century houses: these houses appear to be Art Nouveau architecture, but they actually date back to the 18th century. Always large and made of local sandstone, this kind of houses represents wealth. There are numerous 18th century houses in the wide boulevards of Libourne.

  • Bastides: these detached stone-built properties are always square-shaped and have tiled, almost flat roofs. You can find archways on the ground level of some of them, which lead to garages for instance.

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