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Situated at the north west of Bordeaux, the Medoc is an area part of the Gironde department, which includes some villages and small towns. The principal ones are Eysines, Lesparre and Castelnau. Especially renowned for its world famous red wine, it is also an enchanting area which attracts lots of tourists during the sunny days of the year.


Thanks to the Roman who introduced the viticulture in this place, and the English demand which permitted its development, the Medoc rapidly became a benchmark area for upscale red wines. Beside the viticulture, the forest exploitation is the other main sector of the agriculture in the Medoc. Thus you can easily imagine the contrasting landscapes this region encompasses: the viticultural Medoc with a tamed nature, the Medoc Landes dotted with majestic pine trees, the marshes and, of course, the beautiful Atlantic coast.

In terms of economy, the agriculture is very limited beside the wine production and the forest exploitation. The development is as a consequence a bit slow in this area, except for the city of Bordeaux which is located within a stone throw from the Medoc. This point is actually not a negative one, because it allows this place to preserve its amazing sceneries, its quality of life and to develop an ecological main asset. Thus, the inhabitants are proud of their region as it is nowadays.

The beautiful sandy coast of the Atlantic and the very large lakes of Lacanau and Carcans-Hourtin also attract many visitors during summer, who want to relax and escape from the French Riviera and its mass of tourists.

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Medoc Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Victim of its own success, the Gironde department offers properties being a bit more expensive than the national average. Hopefully, the Medoc area is less expensive than the Gironde average.

In the town of Castelnau, 90% of the properties are houses and only 2% are second houses. However, the town of Lesparre has 5% of second houses and around 10% of the properties are empty and are waiting for a landlord. You will easily find a property if you are interested in the Medoc, because a great choice of large properties or smaller houses is offered to you.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Medoc

If you want to escape from the gloom of the UK, this charming place is really an extraordinary area to invest. The lush nature offers you so many visual wonders and so good products full of taste that everyone here is just like the region: welcoming!

  • Beauty: this is the perfect area where to buy a property if you like Beauty in all its forms and want to make the choice of an authentic life, close to the nature which offers you all its assets and gives a unique charm to this serenity haven.

  • Human relations: if you would like to favour the sincerity of human relations and take the time to discover the people and get back in touch with yourself, so the Medoc is the perfect place where to live. The inhabitants really love life and are known for being welcoming and warm. Far from the crowd of tourists, they know how to welcome all those who want to taste and share the charms of their land. You will immediately feel this omnipresent impression of happiness.

  • Nature: give yourself the chance to communicate with Nature, at its own pace, simply by walking, surfing, cycling or sailing…

  • Sea: buying a property and being so close to the sea is a great chance. Furthermore, the Atlantic coast offers you endless sandy beaches and lots of nautical activities.

  • Wine: The Medoc is a region which produces probably the most renowned red wines from France. It will be an incredible pride to have a property in a region which is world famous thanks to its wine.

Medoc Architecture and Property Styles

Medoc offers various landscapes which correspond to its different types of economy. Thus, you will not find the same architecture around the Landes forest than in the vineyards area for instance.

  • In the Landes forest: the traditional habitat is modest houses made of concrete. They are built in length, with a roof with two gables. Sometimes, you find such houses with a succession of three or four rooms, some of them having a door to exit the property.

  • Villas: in the sea resorts on the Alantic coast, you can see lovely villas, often symmetrical with the entrance door surmounted by a triangular pediment, which gives a real charm to these villas.

  • In the vineyards area: the typical house style is often that of medium-sized houses, symmetrically built on both sides, with a central entrance. These houses are usually built in limestone, coated or untreated.

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