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Talence is a member of the metropolitan Urban Community of Bordeaux and its 3rd largest suburb (828 ha – 40,700 inhab.). Bordeaux University I is located in this commune. The University was built in the 1960s and is nowadays an educational centre of quality, as well as a major research area.


Talence is not only one of Bordeaux’s suburbs, but also a university, cultural and sportive town. Lifestyle in this town is pleasant as the architectural and natural environments have been preserved over the years. You will definitely find satisfaction in visiting or living in this town. Why not buy a beautiful property in this calm commune lush of greenery?

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Talence Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Due to the financial crisis, the property market in Talence is suffering a lot. Many estate agencies will have difficulties in 2009 while trying not to collapse. The average price for a property in Talence is €2,281/square metre. For an ancient house, you should plan to invest approx. €263,000.

Talence accounts for 20,754 properties amongst which 18,807 main houses (90.6%) and only 342 holiday homes (1.6%). The housing stock is pretty recent. Indeed, almost 80% of the town’s houses were built after WWII.

Two observations about estate in Talence are really interesting: more than 60% of Talence’s inhabitants rent their properties and 63% of them live in an apartment. We can deduce from these high numbers that buying a property there - especially a house - cost a lot.

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3 reasons to buy a property in Talence

  • Green areas: the largest wood of Bordeaux’s agglomeration is situated in Talence. You can also find an abundance of green areas where Talence’s inhabitants go to relax. Parks and gardens represent in total more than 30 hectares and woods cover 70 hectares of the town!

  • Castles: as many other towns of the Aquitaine region, Talence has an abundance of castles. Some of them were built in the Middle Ages, such as the château de Thouars, château Peixotto, château Haut Brion and château Margaut. Even if Talence is a pretty modest wine-making town nowadays, wine used to be very important in the commune at the 18th century.

  • Cultural life: the Forum des Arts et de la Culture (arts and culture forum) of Talence offers various possibilities: exhibitions, conferences, meetings and debates, plastic arts courses, theatre courses, musical shows, etc.

Property Styles and architecture in Talence

There are plenty of architectural vestiges in Talence, amongst which many castles. The château de Thouars and the tour de Brana date from the 15th century for instance. But you can also find other property styles in this town.

  • Echoppes: this kind of houses began to spread in Bordeaux’s surroundings at the 18th century as shopkeepers and craftsmen decided to turn their stalls into houses. These urban houses’ features are the following ones: one-storey properties, tiled roof, limestone front often decorated with many sculpted patterns above the doors and windows.

  • Maisons de Maitre: we can actually find many of these large and elegant properties in the Aquitaine region. With its rectangular or square shape, flat roof and stone walls, you will definitely be seduced by this kind of house.

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