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Aurillac is the préfecture of the Cantal department, in Auvergne. It accounts for 29,477 inhabitants called Aurillacois. The town is located at the feet of the Cantal mountains and was built on the bank of the Jordanne River.


The origins of the town date back to the Gallo-Roman period. Fortifications and a castle were built to protect Aurillac from invasions. Aurillac was very prosperous during the Middle Ages and many traditions date from this period. Nowadays, Aurillac is a lovely town where life is pleasant. It boasts a good way of life and welcoming locals.

As regards economy, Aurillac is the headquarter of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Cantal department. Agriculture is also important in the town and its surroundings. The famous fromage de Cantal is produced in the area. Besides, it is the capital of the umbrella and accounts for the half of the French production.

It is an important regional centre and a bustling town with numerous shops and boutiques to explore. The old town has nice narrow streets and shady squares as well as plenty of cafés to stop and enjoy the warm atmosphere of this small but lively town.

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Aurillac Immobilier & Property Market Trends

As regards property prices, Aurillac offers affordable prices. The average price for a property to buy in the town in May 2009 was €1,686 /square metre, which is higher than the average price for the department: €1,486 /square metre. Prices for an apartment were comprised between €1,070 /sq m and €1,540 /sq m between March 2008 and February 2009. In May 2009, the average price for an apartment was €1,727 /sq m and a house cost about €1,597 /sq m.

The majority of dwellings in Aurillac are apartments: 68.9%, houses representing only 28.5% of all the properties. The proportion of tenants is higher than the number of people who own their property: 53% against 42%. Why not investing in a property in the lovely town of Aurillac and enjoy the natural and rural area of Cantal?

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Aurillac

  • Events: Aurillac is home to several events and festivals which make of the town a lively area. The main festival taking place in the town is an international festival of theatre. Since 1986, at the end of August, many artists perform in the streets for the greatest pleasure of everybody! In June, a gastronomic festival is held – les européennes du gout – and professional cookers organize cooking competitions, rewarding the participants for their recipes. A dance festival called ‘les 36 Heures d’Aurillac’ also takes place in the town since 2007.

  • Monuments and museums: wonderful religious monuments can be found in the town: église Saint-Géraud (15th-16th c.), église Notre Dame aux Neiges (15th c.), église du Sacré-Coeur, etc. The town also houses the stunning Saint-Etienne castle overlooking the area and some interesting museums. The musée des volcans (Volcanoes’ Museum) is located in the château Saint Etienne. People are always delighted to learn things about the fascinating world of volcanoes, especially in the Auvergne region. The Museum of Art and Archeology is also worth visiting.

  • Tranquillity and scenery: a road allowing people to admire the mountains of Cantal starts from Aurillac. It goes through the valleys of Jordanne and Authre and offers great panoramas over the region. Aurillac is a quiet and peaceful town where it is really pleasant to live.

  • Activities: many sports and activities are available in Aurillac. Amongst others: football, volley ball, rugby, handball… Hiking and mountain biking are also popular activities as the department offers great landscapes. Other activities that the town offers are: fishing, horse riding and water sports.

Property Styles and Architecture in Aurillac

  • Town houses: these properties are, as the name indicates, located in the town centre. They are generally constructed of stone and offer good dimensions. Given their proximity to all amenities (school,shops, ect), town houses are perfect for families. They have a very practical layout. Most of the town houses have visible beams and stone inside, giving an actual authenticity to the porperty.

  • Apartments: as said before, almost 70% of the properties in Aurillac are apartments. They belong to residences or are part of large houses which were converted into several apartments. All kind of apartments are available in the town: from studio flats to 6-room apartments, modern or old ones, etc.

  • Farmhouses: there are many rural properties in the Cantal department and Auvergne region generally speaking. Farmhouses have large dimensions, come with outbuildings and a large piece of land. In Cantal, they are constructed of Schist and Granite. The roof may be made in Lauze or grey Lava, or flat tiles.

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