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Allier is a department of the Auvergne region of France (centre). The prefecture of the department is Moulins. The total population is 343,309 inhabitants. Its name comes from the eponymous River Allier. The French département was created from the former province called Bourbonnais. It is bordered with Cher, Nièvre, Saône-et-Loire, Loire, Puy-de-Dôme and Creuse.


Some dialects are spoken in the department, such as the Bourbonnais and Auvergnat. Allier is also home to three thermal towns: Bourbon-l'Archambault, Néris-les-Bains and Vichy. Located at the centre of France, Allier constitutes a real frontier between the north and the south of the country. The climate there is mild and humid. The relief can be divided as follows:

  • Bourbonnais hedged farmland: it covers most of the west and centre part of the department, approximately 1/3 of the area. It comprises many woodwind sections and forests, notably the Tronçais one. In the south stretches the Combraille territory, culminating at 778m of altitude and containing beautiful gorges.
  • Bourbonnaise Sologne: west of Allier, it can be described as a compromise between agriculture and semi-wild areas. Meadows, crops, woodwind sections and ponds mix harmoniously and constitute a favourable setting for fauna & flora.
  • Bourbonnaise mountain: it is the main landscape of the south of the depapartment. It begins with the Puy Saiont-Ambroise and maintains on the Assise and Bois Noirs Massifs. The highest peak is the Puy de Montoncel at 1,287 metres altitude.
  • Bourbonnaise limagne: along with the Forterre, it is generally called Val d’Allier. Stretching on both sides of the river, its main asset is its fertile land. Thanks to its nice hilly landscape, it is sometimes nicknamed ‘land of the buttes’.

With more than 10 % of second homes, the area is the ideal location to spend his holidays or his retirement days. It indeed goes hand in hand with a soothing tranquillity and a pleasant lifestyle within a green and preserved environment. The department is notably an attractive location for foreigners such as English, Belgians, Swiss and Dutch. Most of them bought a property in the department, renovated it and used it as second or main home. Such a population has added some inestimable cultural value to Allier. For instance, the town of Pouzy-Mesangy welcomed English and Swiss new residents. The population density has however remained quite low with only 46.77 inhabitants per square metre, which lets the locals plenty of space to fully blossom.

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Allier Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property prices in the Allier department are affordable and quite low. Indeed, a property there is sold €1,180 /sq m on average in 2009. Compared with the national average of €3,197 /sq m, it may be worth investing in the area. Furthermore, Allier has many assets such as gorgeous scenery, quietness, good food and so on. As far as rentals are concerned, houses and apartments are rented €7.12 /sq m a month in Allier against €12.22 /sq m a month in France on average. Thus, if you can’t afford to buy a property in France, renting a house or an apartment will cost you very few!

The housing stock is made of 73 % houses and only 25 % apartments; most of the dwellings have at least three bedrooms and the average area is 126sq m. As regards prices, they vary according to the nature of the real estate. You can count on average €1,353 /sq m for a villa, €1,553 /sq m for an apartment and €2,051 /sq m for a farmhouse. This latter type of property has seen its prices increase by almost 20 % this last year; whereas as far as the whole department is concerned, housing prices have stayed relatively stable.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Allier

  • Zen attitude: let alone the prevailing peaceful lifestyle, Allier has many Zen activities on offer. Its three thermal towns have made the best of their natural assets to provide the visitors with spa stations and are dedicated to health and relaxation. The miraculous waters of Allier bring indescribable beneficial effects on both body and mind. Well-being has definitely pride of place in this department.

  • Tourism – sights: as exposed previously, Allier is an attractive place amongst foreigners, which implies that the department offers good investing opportunities. Tourism plays an important role in the economy of the department, and it could be interesting to buy and let a property there. Furthermore, it infers continuous developments in terms of facilities and improvements of the life surroundings.

  • Greenery and scenery: located at the entrance door of the Massif Central, the Allier department is home to seven natural areas. The latter offer diversified landscapes: hedged farmlands, mountains, plains, valleys amongst others. Furthermore, the Allier River is deemed to be one of the wildest rivers of Europe. Why not discovering this amazing scenery buying a property in Allier?

  • Pastilles de Vichy: these sweets are internationally renowned and are the proud of both Allier and Vichy. The pastilles were made for the first time in 1825 and their success is still unfailing. They have digestive as well as refreshing properties for they indeed contain thermal waters from the town. What a treat when you can combine health and gustative pleasure! Different flavours are to taste: mint, lemon or anise. Yummy!

Local Property Market: 4 Popular Towns

  • Gannat property: festivals, museums, religion remains, nature... Gannat is a lovely town which has so much on offer! There, you can also taste the typical gastronomy, and see a great cultural treasure of the religion. Why not buying a prperty in Gannat and benefit from all these assets?
  • Montluçon property: one of the cheapest towns of France in terms of property prices, Montlucon is definitely a great location if you want to buy a property in Auvergne. The spa, volcanoes, castles, parks and gastronomy will seduce most of you.
  • Moulins property: the prefecture of the department, this town houses only 20,000 inhabitants. It boasts a great architecture, history and culture. Property prices in the area are low and Moulins is a good location for investors.
  • Vichy property: famous for its pastilles and spa, Vichy offers good rental opportunities due to the number of tourists coming in the department. Greenery, beautiful landscapes and tranquility are also some other assets which will seduce you.
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Property Styles and Architecture in Allier

Apart from traditional dwellings such as town houses, apartments or detached houses which have no particular architectural style, Allier houses some typical properties:

  • Farmhouses: Allier being located in the countryside, many farmhouses are on offer in the department. They may be of all sizes but almost always come with outbuildings, large land and courtyard. They are constructed of cheap and simple materials, as the farmers are not deemed to be well-off people. Some of them are renovated but others would need some works.

  • Maisons Bourgeoises and chateaux: prestigious properties in Allier may be bought. They are massive and luxury. They have a huge land planted with trees, swimming-pool, outbuildings such as cottages courtyard and so on. They are dedicated to well-off people as they can be quite expensive. Some of them are very old (14th century), but they are always full of charm and character.

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