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Gannat is located in the south of the Allier department (in the Auvergne region), half way between Clermont Ferrand and Moulins. It accounts for 5,838 inhabitants called the Gannatois.


Gannat is a lovely town which seduces many people each year. Whether you have a passion for paleontology, festivals, sport, architecture or history, this is a good location for an investment. Do visit the Rhinopolis museum which will tell you the story of the life, attend the Rock Préserv’ festival and see Eiffel’s viaducts.

Surrounded by nature, it offers a peaceful lifestyle with different nice landscapes to admire. Though a rather small town, it benefits from a diversified network of shops which represent the main input for the local economy. All the business parks are bound to follow landscaping charters; the Naturopôle one for its part is focusing on sustainable development.

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Gannat Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, a property in France is sold €3,197 /sq m. Compared with the latter price, houses and apartments in Allier are cheaper (€1,180 /sq m). In Gannat, the real estate market is even more affordable since a property there cost €1,100/sq m on average in 2009. Auvergne is one of the cheapest regions of France along with Limousin. Thus, they attract several new comers who find in these areas quietness and good potential investment.

The housing stock in Gannat is heterogeneous, in terms of prices as well of areas. There are 81 % of houses and 16 % of apartments, small dwellings being difficult to find. The average area is indeed 163sq m. According to the age and location of the house, big gaps in prices exist. The most expensive properties are situated a little at the outskirts of the town but however often come with a nice plot of land. Since the beginning of 2009, prices have gradually increased to stabilize in summer. It is therefore probably the right time to invest.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Gannat

  • Cultural treasure: Gannat boasts an exceptional cultural treasure in the Yves Machelon museum. Indeed, the Evangéliaire Carolingien is a manuscript dating back from the late 9th century. It includes texts written by the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It besides notably offers various displays of the life in the 19th and 20th centuries. Furthermore, the museum is laid out in an ancient fortified castle and prison which gives a special identity and atmosphere.

  • Gourmet food: Auvergne is a region of France famous for its gastronomy. Bourbonnais chicken, French sausage, stuff cabbage, hotpot, cheese… Gannat is a great location to taste many specialties of the department and region. The very local speciality is the Galette de Gannat, made of flour, Gruyere, eggs and butter. On Thursday morning, you can go to the street market and have a taste at typical produce. Why not trying to make a traditional meal on your own?

  • Tranquillity and scenery: most of the landscapes there are unspoilt and allow the locals and visitors to feel in peace with nature. Four different sceneries: crystalline plateau, cereal plains, Bourbonnais hedged farmland and Sioule Valley. Such beautiful and typical views should charm everybody, either nature lover or not. Gannat has the assets and facilities of a town while being at the heart of nature, which results in a special atmosphere really pleasant to experience.

  • Activities: due to the gorgeous nature of the area, many sports and activities can be practised in Gannat. Hiking or biking in the valley or plain is very pleasant and will let you admire stunning landscapes. Fishing in ponds and in the Allier River is also a relaxing activity which allows you to benefit from quietness, sun and friendly whiles with the locals who love looking at fishers. Horse-riding is also widespread in the area.

  • Location – transport infrastructure: by car, Gannat is 25 minutes from Vichy, 35 minutes from Clermont Ferrand, 1 hr from Moulins and 3 ½ hrs from Paris. Once arrived in the capital, you will be able to reach other big European cities without problem. (The Paris-London line will take you approximately 1h15 and only 15 minutes with the time difference.) Two motorways lead to Clermont, Paris and Vichy amongst others. Gannat also has a railway station which will let you travel easily.

Property Styles and Architecture in Gannat

  • Stone houses: some detached houses in Gannat are constructed with stones. They are lovely and charming properties coming with a piece of land and sometimes outbuildings. Different kinds: longères, town houses, detached properties… Beams may be exposed inside the house, which give it more character and charm.

  • One-storey properties: they may be cottages or villas. Such type of property is often recent and modern. They come with a land planted with trees, garage, terrace and sometimes even a swimming-pool. They have no particular architectural style, but are in general of good value.

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