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Lorraine is a French region located in the north-eastern part of France, at the crossroads of Germany, Luxemburg and Belgium. Owing to its geographical location the region suffered many wars and struggles and was twice divided into two parts: a part remained French (area around Nancy), while the other part was annexed to Germany.

Historical and cultural heritage is also important in the region. Lorraine used to be governed by Stanislas, former King of Poland. As a result, Nancy especially, boasts many beautiful squares and monuments, vestiges of Stanislas’ reign. The presence of Germany and Roman culture is also very strong, starting by the language. Of course gastronomy is another incontrovertible feature of the area. You have probably heard about the Quiche Lorraine, worldwide renowned!

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Lorraine is a fascinating region of France boasting a rich history, culture and geography. The landscapes, quietness, and amazing architectural and art heritage are the main assets of this beautiful rural area. View our latest adverts and find out a holiday home in the Lorraine region.

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