Lorraine Real Estate

Lorraine is ideally situated between beautiful Alsace, Champagne-Ardennes and Franche-Comte. It is really close to Germany and Luxemburg. It is exactly the centre of Europe. This region mainly has an industrial economy and culture.

Its past is rich of many industrial fights, successes and failures. In recent years, the prices of real estate in France have been growing at a high rate, and so have the prices in the region of Lorraine. This effect is also increased by the number of Britons settling, generally having a superior purchasing power (when it comes to houses) compared to that of the locals.

Real estate prices have been increasing fast in the last decade but generally are around the French average. For the main part, Lorraine real estate market is very based on First home ownership. There is a very low percentage of second home ownership in the region, where people generally live to work and not to retire.

If intending to buy in this region, bear in mind that the real estate prices here are around the French average.

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