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Vosges is a department of the Lorraine region, north east of France. It is named after the Vosges mountain range which occupies a large part of its territory. The department is surrounded with Meuse, Meurthe et Moselle, Territoire de Belfort, Haute Saône and Haute Marne.

Vosges is a lovely department which looks like a paradise. Buying a property there will let you benefit from all the assets of the area, and even from the neighbouring countries. There, all the points of interests are gathered: ski resorts, mountains, archaeology, balneology, nature, culture and history amongst others.

In a gorgeous scenery, you will feel on holiday all year long. Greenery is displayed everywhere. Besides, the Vosges’ air is renowned for being fresh, pure and tonic. The department boasts an amazing unspoilt nature: hiking in the woods is pleasant and will allow you to breath non contaminated air. Definitely the best location to buy a property!

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Vosges Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, a property in the Vosges department is sold €1,395 /sq m. Considering the French average of €3,197 /sq m, we can deduce that property prices in the department are low. Furthermore, taking into account all the assets dealt with in this section, you will understand that it is definitely worth investing in Vosges. The rental market is excellent due to the tourism (ski resorts ans spas). If you are a nature lover and you want to settle in France, not far from the UK, then Vosges is also the perfect area for you. The following table wil let you know more about property prices for each property type:

Property prices in Vosges in 2009
Property Type Price € / sq m Average Price Average Area
Apartment 1,387 102,883 79 sq m
House 1,386 185,975 141 sq m
Villa 1,482 212,206 156 sq m
Farmhouse 1,036 172,321 177 sq m
Chalet 2,062 193,335 98 sq m

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Vosges

  • Archaeological and historical heritage: the Vosges department boasts a rich history which is wonderfully preserve. Its historical past is displayed throughout its archaeological monuments. See the Gallo-Roman ancient sanctuary: it was built during the 1st century AD. The amphitheatre, mosaic and rampart are also worth staring at. In the area, you can also visit vestiges of a Celtic camp, menhirs…

  • Gourmet food: sweetened or salty, the local specialities have influences gastronomy all over France. For instance, the renowned quiche lorraine was first made in the Lorraine region, but is now cooked in all the French regions. As a starter, you can also taste the salade vosgienne made of dandelions. Then, enjoy the typical toffailles, a meal cooked with potatoes, bacon and onions which are all braised together. As regards cheese, Vosges is not outdone: the famous munster is another traditional produce of the area. But you can also taste many other specialities such as honey, eau de vie, beers…

  • Tourism – sights: the Vosges department is an attractive place for ski and balneology lovers. Tourism plays an important role in the department’s economy: the area is thus ideal for an investment. The ski resorts and spa attract many holidaymakers each year, who usually rent a property. Thus, if you are looking for a buy-to-let investment, don’t hesitate to buy a house or an apartment there, the rental market is excellent there.

  • Activities: the Vosges department being located at the heart of the mountains, it offers many possibilities of sports and activities. Winter sport lovers will be charmed by the slopes and scenery (7 ski resorts). But the area is also an idyll for those who love nature: fishing, hiking, water sports, biking, horse riding, golfing, archery… Everybody should find the activity which is convenient for them.

  • Location – transport links: from Paris, you can travel to many towns of the Vosges department by train such as Epinal, Saint Die, Remiremont or Vittel. The department is only 2 ¼ hrs from the French capital. By plane, you can land in Metz - Nancy Lorraine airport or Bale - Mulhouse airport from Birmingham, London, Berlin, Rome, Vienna or Amsterdam amongst others.

Local Property Market: 2 Popular Towns

  • Epinal property: located at the heart of Vosges, Epinal is the prefecture of the department. Unspoiled nature, cultural facilities, gorgeous monuments are its main assets. Property prices there are not very high and the rental market is good.
  • Gerardmer property: this is an attractive town for nature lovers who will be seduced in both winter and summer. Winter sports such as ski are very popoular in Gerardmer, but the locals and visitors also like hiking in the nature or strolling in the town centre. Property prices there are affordable, and the location should offer good rental opportunities, due to its numerous assets and points of interests.
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Property Styles and Architecture in Vosges

  • Pinkstone farmhouses: you will find this kind of properties in the Hautes Vosges. They have a wide front façade with a arched carriage door – also called porte cochère. Inside the property, the space is divided into different areas which house distinctly the farmer, barn, stable and huge attic used for the hay.

  • Chalots: they are typical outbuildings of farms which are used as an attic to keep the grain, alcohol, food and even family treasures. They are fully constructed of wood (oak and fir-tree). The roof is made up of stone lava. They are not used as a dwelling but only for store purposes.

  • Sandstone-roof properties: one of the main typical aspects of the Vosges houses is their roof. They are often made up of stone lava. These traditional properties are the pride of the locals and are the result of a real know-how. They represent the cultural identity of the Vosges.

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