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Epinal is the prefecture of the Vosges department, in the Lorraine region, north east of France. The town accounts for 34,014 inhabitants called the Spinaliens. Epinal is more precisely located south of the department, close to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland. As a result, it benefits from a privileged situation at the heart of Europe. The Moselle River flows through the town.

Epinal, located at the heart of the Vosges department, boasts an unspoilt nature: forest, numerous open spaces, mountains… which make it a pleasant town to live in. Some sites are not to be missed when visiting or living in the town: park and castle, Place des Vosges, museums, Notre Dame au Cierge church, Roman house, Saint Michel chapel…

The right bank of the town is the oldest part of Epinal (over 1,000 years old). There, gaze at the castle and basilica, stroll in the street market and visit the Musée du Chapitre. The left bank is often nicknamed the new town thanks to its shops, museums and cinema.

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Epinal Immobilier & Property Market Trends

A property in Vosges as well as in Epinal is sold €1,417 /sq m in 2009. Considering the French average of €3,197 /sq m, we can easily deduce that prices in the town and in the department are affordable.

As far as rentals are concerned, an apartment or a house in Epinal is rented €7,85 /sq m a month against €12.22 /sq m a month in France as a whole. Here again, the town offers cheap rentals. Furthermore, with 62% of tenants, rental opportunities are excellent. If you are looking for a buy-to-let, the prefecture of the Vosges department should be considered.

Taking into account all the assets of Epinal, we can say that it is definitely worth investing there. It is a paradise for nature and history lovers. The town offers a pleasant lifestyle and French art de vivre.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Epinal

  • Events and festivals: the local authority organizes all year long many events and festivals. Some examples: Rues et Cies – street shows – Epinal bouge l’été – concerts every Friday evening in summer – les Larmes du Rire – humoristic theatre plays in October.

  • Image museum: the pride of Epinal, the image museum gathers 25,000 popular, old and contemporary images from the 17th to the 21st centuries. Permanent exhibitions will let you discover and understand old images which are compared with recent ones. A typical museum worth definitely visiting.

  • Tranquillity and scenery: Epinal is a lovely town whose nature is wonderful. In different areas of the town, you will see flowers (railway station, town hall, post office, schools…). The local authority takes care of the environment and tries to give its residents a pleasant quality of life. In the surroundings, you will be amazed by the gorgeous landscapes.

  • Activities: next to Epinal’s harbour, several activities and sport can be practised. The leisure park provides cycle lane, playground, pedalo, go boating, hiking… This area is well-equipped and perfect to spend relaxing whiles in family or with friends. Epinal is internationally renowned for its open spaces and flourished parks. It received 4 flowers (out of 4) in the French competition called Villes et Villages Fleuris.

  • Location – transport links: Epinal is 380km to the east of Paris, 135km to the south west of Strasbourg, 81km to the north west of Mulhouse and 60km to the south of Nancy. The town was for a long time difficult to access but is nowadays quite well served by the different means of communication. Since June 2007, the high-speed train has linked Paris in a bit more than 2 hrs. Regional trains also lead to Nancy and Belfort. By air, you can land in Epinal or Metz-Nancy-Lorraine airports. Not to forget the town bus routes which serve Epinal.

Property Styles and Architecture in Epinal

  • Apartments: as over 64% of the dwellings in Epinal are apartments, it seems inevitable to deal with it. Of course, they have no particular architectural style, but they are of great interest for investors willing to let their property. Some flats may come with a terrace, cellar and garage.

  • Farmhouses: they are usually built with local and cheap materials. They used to be the farmers’ houses but are today more and more sought-after by private people. They come with a large land, outbuildings, courtyard… You can find renovated farmhouses full of charm and character.

  • Detached houses: you will find many houses in Epinal, though less numerous than apartments. They may be of different kind: villa, one-storey property, cottage… Villas are often luxury and modern properties whereas one-storey houses and cottages are much simpler. However, detached houses are often renovated.

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