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Semur-en-Auxois is a 5,000-inhabitant town located in the west of the Côte d’Or department, at the heard of the Burgundy region. Built on a rock of pink granite, Semur en Auxois is a medieval town which was, according to the legend, built by Hercules.


Semur-en-Auxois, commonly called Semur, is the historical capital of Auxois in Burgundy. The fortified town of Semur has many things to offer: medieval towers, fortifications, Renaissance facades, half-timbered houses, Gothic church, etc. Semur is located on the vastest valley composing the Pays d’Auxois.

A stroll in the fortifications is a good way to discover this lovely medieval city which houses many half-timbered houses and mansions, some of them being listed as historical monuments. Varied leisure facilities such as a theatre, a library and a cinema can be found within the town. Several events take place in Semur and attract many people.

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Semur-en-Auxois Immobilier and Property Market Trends

As regards the real estate market, property prices are affordable in Semur en Auxois, especially in comparison with the department’s average: €2,386 / square metre for a property to buy. Property price for houses has been decreasing since January 2009. It had increased a lot since 2007, from €1,700 / square metre in September 2007 to €2,060 / square metre in January 2009. In May 2009, the average price for a house to buy in Semur was €1,916 / square metre.

For your information, 85.5% of the properties in Semur-en-Auxois are main houses, 8.3% are holiday homes and there is 6.2% of vacant properties. The proportion of tenants is higher than the number of owners: 54.4% against 10.4%, so there might be good rental opportunities in this lovely medieval town.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Semur-en-Auxois

  • Tourism – sights: a small tourist train allows people to have a full visit of the town in summer. When being part of the travel, you can discover the outstanding collegial of Notre Dame. Built in 1225, it is one of the jewels of Gothic architecture of Burgundy. The local museum houses varied collections of pieces of art: paintings, sculptures, fossils, minerals, etc. In the medieval city, vestiges from the past are visible everywhere. The Guilliers and Sauvigny gates allow to access Notre Dame collegial. The donjon dating from the 13th century and its highest tower, the ‘tour de l’Orle d’Or’ are very impressive. Other towers such as the ‘tour de la Géhenne’, ‘tour de la Prison’ and ‘tour Margot’ also give an actual authenticity to Semur-en-Auxois.

  • Events: varied celebrations and events take place in Semur all year round. The ‘Course de la Bague’ - an equestrian race, the oldest in France as it dates from 1639) - and medieval day (medieval street market, dressed-up parade, concerts, etc) are held in May. In August, the ‘course aux Chausses’ is also popular. The winner of this race which has been held since the Middle Ages wins a pair of knitted chausses. A fair is also organised (foire de la creation) with poets, painters, sculptors, photographers and so on making people discovering their talent as well as a pyrotechnic show during the same month.

  • Surroundings: many places of interest can be found around Semur-en-Auxois. Alice-Sainte-Reine is not to be missed. It is a former Gallo-Roman city where Julius Cesar won against Vercingetorix and its troups. Many vestiges were found from this period and the museum and hospital can be visited. The castle of Epoisses, town of Chatillon-sur-Seine and abbey of Fontenay (listed by UNESCO) are also important places of the area.

  • Activities: the Pays de l’Auxois is a perfect place for hiking. In the green valleys, fields, rivers and limestone plateaus bordered by wooded cliffs seduce nature lovers. Hedged farmlands are also part of the setting. An important fauna lives in this area. You will for sure enjoy using the numerous paths around Semur and discover the natural treasures it has to offer.

Property Styles and Architecture in Semur-en-Auxois

  • Town houses: whether constructed of stone or other material, these properties often have large dimensions and are located close to all amenities as they are at the heart of everything as their name indicates. Some of them need renovation. Town houses have a great value, especially stone ones. They are perfect properties for families as they have many bedrooms and come with a piece of land.

  • Longères: these properties have a rectangular shape, they are built in a row. They offer good dimensions and are often single-storey houses. The back of the property traditionally faces the dominant wind direction. Longeres are common in several French regions such as Aquitaine, Brittany and Normandy. These properties are most of the time rural houses and are often inhabited by wine-growers or forest labourers.

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