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Saône-et-Loire is a French department located in the very sought-after Burgundy (Bourgogne) region. The department is situated in the centre east of France and is surrounded with Cote d’Or and Nièvre (Saone et Loire), Ain, Rhone and Loire (Rhone Alpes), Jura (Franche Comté) and Allier (Auvergne). With 544,893 inhabitants, it is the most populated department of Burgundy.


Most of the inhabitants of Saone et Loire live in the east of the department, this area being much better developed in terms of transport networks. Due to the closeness with Lyon, many lyonnais natives moved in Saone et Loire. The proximity also favoured employment and investments in the department.

Saone et Loire offers diversified landscapes which can be discovered throughout its areas: hedged farmlands, vineyards, woods and ponds will probably seduce most of you. But the department also boasts a great heritage such as wash-houses, Roman villages, vineyards and so on!

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Saone et Loire Immobilier & Property Market Trends

A property in France is sold €3,197/ sq m in 2009. Property prices in the Saone et Loire department are very affordable: €1,616 / sq m. However, some areas and towns in the department may be slightly more expensive. Indeed, a property is sold €1,745/ sq m in Macon and €1,700 / sq m in Autun. If your budget is low, you can still invest in Saone et Loire since many remote villages offer cheap properties like Chalon sur Saone or Louhans. Property prices in the latter are €1,534 / sq m and €1,473 / sq m. Many bargains can be driven all over the department.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Saone et Loire

  • Gourmet food: Burgundy food is internationally renowned. The boeuf bourgignon is probably the most famous dish along with Bourgogne snails. The first one is made of beef and red wine. You will discover many other specialities in the different towns of the department such as oeufs en meurette (eggs), pôchouse (fish) and époisse (cheese) in Chalon sur Saone.

  • Tourism: Saone et Loire is an attractive place for gastronomy, culture and scenery. It attracts many tourists each year, which make it a good location for an investment. Landscapes there are gorgeous (Bresse area plain, Mâconnais and Charolais hills, Morvan mounts…). This is also in this department that you can find the local Burgundy wines and the Bresse Chicken (AOC).

  • Tranquillity and scenery: the north of the Saone et Loire being few populated, it offers quietness. Furthermore, the area is part of a national park and will let you practise many activities both on water and dry land. Macon, situated in the very south of the department offers amazing view over the famous distant Mont Blanc mountain range.

  • Location – transport links: to access Saone et Loire, you have several options. The most rapid one is probably to land in Lyon airport. The latter flies towards a huge number of destinations, as it is an international airport. If you are travelling from the UK, you can also take the Eurostar from London to Dijon and then take a regional train.

Local Property Market: 4 Popular Towns

  • Autun property: boasting a great historical and cultural past, Autun is definitely worth visiting. With good transport links, the town is easily reachable and has so much to offer. Property prices are affordable, and the commune offers good rental opportunities.
  • Chalon sur Saone property: a very dynamic town of the Saone et Loire department, Chalon sur Saone is the largest town of the department in terms of population. Gastronomy, events and pleasant lifestyle are just one of its assets. Great rental opportunities.
  • Louhans property: the town is located in the Bresse area and boasts thus the famous chicken of Bresse (AOC). Property prices are very low and Louhans is a great town if you are looking to settle in Saone et Loire.
  • Macon property: the prefecture of the department, this is a lively town of Saone et Loire. Famous for its greenery, wine and gastronomy, Macon offers also affordable property prices. Furthermore, the rental market there is excellent.
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Property Styles and Architecture in Saone et Loire

  • Stone houses: constructed of stone, they come with a piece of land, garage, terrace, attic… They sometimes offer great view over the vineyards but may also be situated in the countryside and you will thus benefit from the quietness of the area.

  • Winegrowers’ houses: if you want to combine pleasure and business, you can invest in one of these properties. They are sold with vineyards, land, terrace, outbuildings and so on. Just produce you own wine, sell it, and enjoy the tranquility.

  • Villas: willing to invest in a prestigious property? Villas are the ideal house for you. They are luxury, large and luminous houses. The furniture inside is very modern and walls are often painted in white. Outside, there is in general a land and swimming-pool.

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