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Autun is a French town located in the Saone et Loire department, Burgundy region. It accounts for 14,800 inhabitants (in 2006) called the Autunois. The Ternin and Arroux are two tributaries of the Loire River running through the town.


Autun boasts a rich history and kept signs of the Middle Ages and Antiquity. But it is also a cultural town categorized as a city of Art and History. Numerous museums are worth visiting. The area is dynamic and always active: several shows, concerts, festivals … are organized all year long. Many activities await you in Autun: horse riding, golf, tennis, fishing, skating, hiking… Everybody should get out something of it in the town.

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Autun Immobilier and Property Market Trends

In Autun, the real estate crisis had an important effect. Indeed, property prices dropped by €300 /sq m from the second quarter of 2008 to the late 2008. In May 2008, a property was sold about €1,800 /sq m whereas at the end of the year, it cost only €1,500 /sq m. Since the beginning of 2009, prices have increased slightly and are now €1,700 /sq m.

The average of the Saone et Loire department being €1,616 /sq m, property prices in the town are still affordable. However, if you are looking for an investment there, this is the right moment for you to buy. In general, property prices act as a circle i.e. they drop and increase all the time. But before a further rise in prices, you’d better buy in the few next weeks.

As regards rentals, the market is also good since 58.4% of the inhabitants are tenants (against 39.8% on average if France). If you are looking for a buy-to-let, Autun could be an ideal location in Burgundy and finding a tenant should not be very difficult.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Autun

  • Culture and historical heritage: its former name, Augustodunum, means ‘August’s stronghold’. The latter wanted to build a large city in Gaul to show the Roman’s power. Today, you can thus admire a 6km long surrounding with numerous towers. Gaze at the Roman theatre, temple and Saint André and Arroux’s doors.

  • Economy: Autun’s substratum being rich in coal and mineral oil, this is one of the reasons of the town’s development. Its historical, cultural and natural heritage is the main assets of the commune. Autun is also home to important companies such as Dim and Nexans, which play a major role in the town’s economy.

  • Location – Transport links: travelling to Autun is quite easy and many options are on offer. The Creusot railway station will let you travel by high-speed train (1 ½ hr to reach Paris). By road, 4 motorways drive to Calais, Paris, Luxembourg, Lyon, Nancy amongst others. The closest international airports are Geneva (2 hrs) and Lyon (2 hrs). Another solution is to land in Dijon, 1 hour from Autun. However, flights are regional and not international.

Property Styles and Architecture in Autun

  • Detached houses: they often have one storey and are quite modern. Walls are painted in soft colours such as white or beige, and the shutters are made of wood. They come with a piece of land planted with trees, garage and terrace. They are lovely properties ideal for those who want to settle in the area.

  • Town houses: they are often attached to others properties and located in the town centre. They may come with a garden and terrace if located on the ground floor. Some of them are renovated and are full of character. This type of property may be perfect for a let.

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