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Chalon sur Saone is an important economic and commercial centre at the heart of Burgundy, in the Saone et Loire department. The town is 140km to the north of Lyon and 70km to the south of Dijon. Chalon sur Saone accounts for 46,200 inhabitants which make it the most populated town of the department.

Chalon sur Saone is located at a strategic location, 1 ¼ hrs from the ski resorts in Jura mountain range, 2 hrs from Paris and only 3 ¾ hrs from the closest seaside i.e. Marseille. But the town is also a cultural capital categorized as a Town of Art and History. Thus it is home to many tourist attractions such as Denon and Niepce museums, Saint Vincent cathedral, not to forget Rue de Strasbourg, famous amongst the gastronomes.

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Chalon sur Saone Immobilier and Property Market Trends

In 2009, a property is sold about €1,534 /sq m in Chalon sur Saone, and €1,616 /sq m in the Saone et Loire department. Considering the France’s average of €3,197 /sq m, property prices in the town are low and buying a property there should be a good investment.

Chalon also offers excellent rental opportunities, with over 60% of tenants living in the town. If you are looking for a buy-to-let, this could be an interesting location for you.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Chalon sur Saone

  • Events: the Carnaval de Chalon sur Saone is one of the most prestigious carnivals in France. It welcomes each year about 10,000 visitors who come to see the so-called Gôniots, typical characters of the area. The town is also renowned for organizing a cultural event named Chalon dans la Rue. Since 1986, it has gathered in the town many street artists playing theatre. It is one of the largest street show festivals of France.

  • Gourmet food: Strasbourg Street is an idyll for food lovers who can taste many specialities. Burgundy snails are very famous all over the world and are ideally eaten as a starter. If you don’t like French-style snails, you can taste the local oeufs en meurette – eggs cooked with red wine, spices, butter and flour. The pôchouse is a traditional dish made of fish and white wine. As regards cheese, the époisse is the oldest and the most famous cheese of Burgundy. Yummy!

  • Environment: Chalon sur Saone is committed in the protection of the environment and tries to offer a pleasant lifestyle to its residents. Thanks to the Programme Privilèges, the town is internationally renowned as fighting against greenhouse gas emissions and protecting open spaces in the area.

  • Location – Transport links: reaching the town is very easy, since it is well served by the road, air, railway and sea networks. By motorway, the A6 drive to Paris, Lyon or Marseille as well as Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. By train, you can very easily travel to Paris (3 direct high speed trains a day). The marina will also allow you to moor your boat near to your property. Finally, by air, Lyon airport is only 1 hr drive and offer many European destinations.

  • Rental opportunities: with 64.6% of tenants in the town, Chalon sur Saone is a great location offering good rental opportunities. Property prices are furthermore very affordable. The town should thus be the perfect location for those who want to let their property in Burgundy.

Property Styles and Architecture in Chalon sur Saone

  • Villas: they are prestigious properties and often very modern and luminous. Villas usually boast large and numerous rooms. They often come with a huge land and a swimming pool. They are ideal for those who want to settle in Chalon sur Saone, if you can afford it of course!

  • Detached houses: these properties don’t have a particular architectural style. They are perfect if your budget is not very high as their price is in general affordable. They may have a land, courtyard and garage.

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