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Macon is the southernmost town of Burgundy, in the Saone et Loire department. It is the prefecture of the department and accounts for 36,068 inhabitants (in 2007). The Saone River runs through the town and is 65km from Lyon and 400km from Paris.


Macon is a lively town of the Saone et Loire department, where nature plays a major role. Indeed, it received 4 flowers (out of 4) at the French competition Villes et villages fleuris. Furthermore, it is the only town of the department which got such an award. Thus, it is sometimes called the city in the countryside. The lifestyle there is very pleasant thanks to the numerous open spaces.

Strolling in the town centre, you will discover the banks of the river boasting beautiful coloured properties, lively terraces and the historical centre. Gaze at the Maison de Bois, Tours du Vieux Saint Vincent, Ursulines Museum and so on. But Macon is above all famous for its Mâconnais-Beaujolais wines, which are renowned internationally.

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Macon Immobilier and Property Market Trends

In 2009, a property is sold €3,197/ sq m in France. The average for Saone et Loire is €1,616 / sq m, which is quite low. In Macon however, property prices are slightly above the department average: €1,745/ sq m. But prices remain low considering the French property price, you should be able to drive a bargain in the area!.

In terms of rentals, a property in France is rented €12.22/ sq m a month. In Macon, you can easily rent an apartment for €6.97 / sq m a month, which is very cheap. Furthermore, 66.8% of the inhabitants are tenants, which make Macon an excellent town for lets.

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6 Reasons to Buy a Property in Macon

  • Culture, art and historical heritage:Macon is a charming town where history and architecture is displayed all over its streets and main places of interest. During WWII, the town played an important role in the Resistance. It was the first town of France in free zone between Paris and Lyon. Its urban and architectural richness are the witness of a rich history. Numerous museums, historical and archaeological sites are a must-visit.

  • Gastronomy: gourmet food is one of the gems of Macon. The Boeuf bourguignon is probably one of the most famous dish of the region. It is cooked with beef, vegetables and red wine, delightful. Also taste the typical Idéal mâconnais, a cake made with meringue and butter cream, you will be charmed!

  • Sports and Activities: Macon holds great facilities which will probably seduce sport lovers. It was nominated as the most sports town of France in 2001. The town boasts the most beautiful natural basin of France for the practise of row. Macon also possesses the highest number of tennis courts in Burgundy. If you love fishing, you will not be disappointed: Macon is a European centre for brown bullheads and organizes a brown bullhead safari each year in May..

  • Location – transport links: Macon boasts developed facilities in terms of transport links. It is a huge junction of Europe, thanks to several motorways leading to Lyon airport in only 45 minutes. Two railway stations will let you travel with the high-speed train: Macon-Paris 1 ¾ hrs, Macon-Geneva 1 ¾ hrs, Macon-Lyon 40 minutes. In the town centre, moving is easy thanks to 11 bus routes which serve the town as well as the surrounding villages.

  • Rental opportunities: with over 66% of tenants in the town, Macon offers excellent rental opportunities. This is an ideal location for those who are looking for a buy-to-let investment. Furthermore, property prices are affordable, and the investment should be profitable.

  • Wine-growing: 370,000 hl of wine are produced each year in Macon, Saone et Loire vineyard being the vastest of the Burgundy region. The famous Beaujolais Nouveau wine is also produced in the area. But the Mâconnais white wines are also worth tasting, they are just delightful.

Property Styles and Architecture in Macon

  • Stone houses: they are charming properties constructed with stones, as their name suggests. They come with a terrace, land, garage, attic and offer a beautiful view over the vineyards, countryside… Inside, beams may be exposed and give much character to the house. They are often of large size and have numerous bedrooms.

  • Villas: many luxury properties are on offer in Macon. They are very modern and luminous. Villas offer all the comfort needed: large rooms, modernity, land planted with trees and sometimes even a swimming-pool. Walls are usually painted in soft colours such as ochre, pink or yellow.

  • Winegrowers’ houses: some properties with vineyards are on the real estate market. Thus, if you love French wine and you want to work in France, why not buying one of these properties? They come with a land, vineyards, terrace, outbuildings… They are ideal for winegrowers but may however need some renovation.

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