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Louhans is a French town located in the south east of the Saone et Loire department, Burgundy. It is 35 km from Chalon sur Saone, 85 km from Dijon, 150km from Lyon and 380km to the south of Paris. It houses 6,531 inhabitants. Louhans is situated at a strategic location i.e. close to the main roads and motorways. Furthermore, it is an important step for many travellers.


Louhans is the capital of the Bresse Bourgogne area. This fortified town is sometimes nicknamed The Archways City. Indeed, the town kept 157 archways from the Spanish occupation. Strolling in the Grande Rue will let you admire them. This is the dynamic part of the town, with 15th century front facades and over 100 shops.

Louhans’ harbour is a wonderful area where you will discover tranquillity and amazing scenery. Boats may moor in the marina and have a walk in the surroundings. This lovely town seduces many visitors. Why not investing there and benefiting from this quietness and typical medieval town?

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Louhans Immobilier and Property Market Trends

In 2009, a property in France cost €3,197/ sq m on average. In the Saone et Loire department, property prices are lower and much more affordable to all budgets (€1,616 / sq m). Buying a property in Louhans will let you benefit from all the assets of the town, that is to say its typical architecture, food, street markets and numerous activities.

In Louhans, real estate prices are even cheaper; a property is sold €1,473 / sq m. Prices have dropped since the beginning of the estate crisis. This should be the right moment to buy a property in the town. The commune is ideal for those who are looking to settle in the area or if you are looking a second home.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Louhans

  • Local food: Louhans being located in the Bresse area, it boasts delightful chickens. They are called in French Poulets de Bresse and are the only chickens in the world to have an AOC (Guarantee of Origin). They have white feathers, blue legs and red comb. Its meat is tender, many cooks using the chicken of Bresse in their delicious meals.

  • Street markets: in the town centre and its surroundings, several street markets are organized during the week. This is a tradition of Louhans. The main market takes place every Monday but you can also attend twice a month a fair. There, you may buy the famous Volaille de Bresse and many other delightful local produce.

  • Activities: the town is an idyll for fishing lovers who can fish in the surrounding ponds and also take lessons. Boats may be hired: visiting the area by boat is very pleasant and should seduce most of you. For those who are seasick, another solution is to discover the area by bike, riding a horse or by foot.

Property Styles and Architecture in Louhans

  • Farmhouses: originally properties of the farmers, there were built with local and cheap materials, In Louhans, some farmhouses have a typical Bresse brick and half-timbered style. They come with a large land, outbuildings and courtyard. Some of them need renovation and are thus cheaper than the others. Farms are located in the countryside and offer quietness.

  • Detached houses: they may be of different kind (cottage, villa..). Some detached properties may need some works but others are completely renovated. They can come with a garden, garage, cellar and sometimes even outbuildings. When located in the countryside, they offer tranquility and beautiful view whereas is built in the town centre, they will let you benefit from all amenities.

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