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Joigny is a 10,333-inhabitant town located in the centre of the Yonne department, in Burgundy. It is situated 27km to the north of Auxerre and 30km to the south of Sens, on the banks of the Yonne River. Joigny is an important wine-growing area which boasts a great heritage and a fine gastronomy.


Joigny is located next to the Côte Saint Jacques - a wine-growing area - and the vast forest of Othe which spreads between the south of Champagne Ardenne and the north of Burgundy. In the past, the town was prosperous thanks to the exploitation of its wine and wood which were transported to Paris thanks to the Yonne River.

Joigny has an exceptional heritage, it is listed as a ‘town of Art and History’. People can admire many half-timbered houses, religious monuments, but also the Gondi’s castle amongst others. The town received the label of ‘flourished town’ at the French competition rewarding towns which have many gardens and parks. It has a privileged geographical location thanks to quality road and rail infrastructures. The sport facilities are numerous and many events are organised in this town where culture is essential.

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Joigny Immobilier & Property Market Trends

When it comes to real estate, Joigny offers affordable property prices with an average price of €1,418 /square metre in May 2009. The average for the Yonne department being €1,881 /square metre, the town is a good location where people can invest. The average price for a house to buy in Joigny is €1,441 /square metre or €183,588 and the average surface for such properties is 132 sq m. The price for a house has been decreasing recently as it was €1,840 /square metre in August 2008 and €1,560 /square metre in March 2009.

For your information, 86.8% of the properties in Joigny are main homes, 3.6% are holiday homes and 9.6% are vacant. The proportion of tenants is almost 50% and the majority of dwellings are 4-room ones.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Joigny

  • Monuments: as said before, Joigny is a ‘town of Art and History’ and boasts thus outstanding monuments. Amongst the places of interest of the town, we can quote the Renaissance castle - or ‘château des Gondi’ – some beautiful mansions, but also many half-timbered houses full of authenticity: the maison du Bailly (historical monument), maison du Pilori, maison de l’arbre de Jessé, maison de l’ave Marie. The Saint André and Saint Jean churches are beautiful religious monuments. The old and new town halls are also worth seeing. Do not miss the Nuits Maillotines in summer. Every week-end, people can discover the town’s heritage during visits with musicians and actors telling the story of the town.

  • Medieval heritage: the town kept some vestiges from the medieval period. People can admire fortifications in the rue de la guibmarde and some gates are still present within the area. It is the case for the porte Saint-Jean, but also for the porte du bois.

  • Gastronomy: when visiting Joigny, food lovers must absolutely stop at the restaurant ‘La Côte Saint Jacques’. This restaurant managed by Jean Michel Lorain has three Michelin stars and is one of the most famous restaurants in France. As said before, good wines grow in the area. Wine growing is indeed an ancestral heritage with vineyards existing at the 11th century already. The vin gris (white wine made from red grapes, in particular pinot noir) produced on the Côte St Jacques is labelled (AOC) under the name of Bourgogne Côte Saint Jacques. Red and white Bourgogne wines are also produced in the area.

  • Cultural and sport facilities: Joigny is home to numerous facilities in terms of education, sport, leisure and culture. The cultural centre Jean de Joigny houses varied exhibitions, be it with paintings, sculptures or applied arts. Many concerts of jazz or classical music take place every month in the auditorium Claude Debussy. A music and dance school as well as a library are other examples of the facilities that the town offers. When it comes to sport, there is a swimming pool in the town but also stadiums and people can play amongst others tennis, football, rugby, etc.

Property Styles and Architecture in Joigny

  • Half-timbered houses: as said before, the town houses many half-timbered properties, some of them being listed as historical monuments. Half-timbered houses are constructed of wood and a mix of cob and stone. Also called maisons à pan de bois, these houses come directly from the Swiss and German architecture. The half-timbered structure is built over a stone structure in order to protect the first floor from potential fires and the humidity. These properties are a legacy from the Middle Ages and are very sought-after.

  • Winegrowers’ houses: these properties are often large stone houses located at the heart of the vineyards, but we can also find such properties in the town centre. They have very special features such as cellars’ entrance, the living-room’s door giving a direct access to the street, a courtyard inside the property, etc. Wood is also used to build these properties, beams being exposed inside.

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