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With more than 16,000 inhabitants (called the Morlaisiens), Morlaix is a great Breton town located in the Finistere department. Its harbour (both fishing activities and marina), viaduct and valley make Morlaix a very attractive place. This charming town is nowadays a very-sought after destination amongst holidaymakers. The architectural and historical heritage is omnipresent in this town where legacies of the past have been protected. You can stroll in the medieval streets of the town centre, practise outdoor sports or go along the harbour to have a look at the boats. The atmosphere of Morlaix is really pleasant, why not spend some days or more there?


Situated in the northern part of the Finistere department, Morlaix is worth a visit. The town’s major assets are its quietness, location (close to the sea), easy access - thanks to the Morlaix-Ploujean irport - and medieval atmosphere. The old quarter is beautiful, with its narrow cobbled streets and the numerous Breton restaurants and shops. Morlaix’s lighthouse - the Phare de L’île Vierge – is France’s tallest one.

As far as weather is concerned, the Finistere department has an oceanic climate so it is often raining in this region. But due to its proximity with the sea, Morlaix still benefits from pretty mild temperatures all year round.

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Morlaix Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Brittany is one of the cheapest regions of France in terms of real estate. In 2009, buying a property in the Provence - Alpes Côtes d’Azur region can cost more than €4,000, whereas in Brittany it rarely reaches more than €2,500 / square metre. There are still huge disparities amongst the same region depending on the location and type of accommodation.

With about €900 / square metre for an ancient apartment to buy, real estate prices in Morlaix are amongst the cheapest of France. Otherwise, the average property price for a house to buy is €1,360 / square metre. You can easily find a large property to buy in Morlaix for about €105,000. Renting a house is much more expensive than buying one as the square metre goes for around €9.6 / month.

Anyway, property prices in Morlaix and the Finistere department are 9 times out of 10 lower than the national ones. Housing prices there have been decreasing during the last years and keep on going down as a consequence of the financial crisis. It may be the right moment to invest your money in real estate in Brittany!

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Morlaix

Morlaix has various things on offer: a nice environment, many possible activities, a strong Breton culture, etc.

  • Sights: holidaymakers will find satisfaction in Morlaix. Indeed, there are many things to see: an outstanding viaduct (constructed between 1861 and 1864), the bay with the Château du Taureau (Bull’s Castle) - built on a rock right in the middle of the sea – the Pondalez House Museum, the Queen Anne’s House, the Museum of the Jacobins and the botanical park of Suscinio for instance.

  • Activites: water sport lovers will definitely love this town, as you can practise sports such as windsurfing or sand buggying for example. There are numerous coastal paths for walks. If you prefer indoor activities, there are a golf course, a bowling, a horseback riding centre, a cinema, a swimming-pool, etc.

  • Lifestyle: Morlaix is a very lively town where you will be able to discover the Breton culture by tasting the traditional food, visiting historical vestiges and meeting the locals. Numerous events are organised in this medieval town, especially in summer. Do not miss the Festival des Arts de Rue.

  • Surroundings: Morlaix’s hinterland also offers wonderful landscapes. The Monts d'Arrée are a perfect example to this affirmation. This ancient mountain range of western Brittany used to define the border of the former regions of Cornouaille and Léon and belongs to the Armorican massif. The village of Huelgoat is also worth a visit. Formerly, a huge forest covered Brittany’s inland. This area offers impressive natural setting amongst the vestiges of this forest.

Property Styles and Architecture in Morlaix

In the old quarter of the town, there are many overhanging stone and timber houses which often have religious and secular sculptures on their façades.

  • Maisons à pan de bois: you can find in Morlaix’s town centre many half-timbered houses typical of the 15th-16th centuries. With many windows, colourful shutters and walls filled with cob and wood beams, these properties can also be found in other French regions such as in Alsace for instance. The walls are traditionally painted, you may for example see yellow or orange walls on some houses. The ground floor is always used by the town’s shopkeepers for their activities (bakery, butcher’s shop, optician, pubs, hairdressing / beauty salon, etc.).

  • Breton Chaumières: these thatched houses are really sought-after nowadays. These rural traditional houses can also be found in Normandy but also in some European countries such as Germany or United Kingdom (on British Isles). The roof is composed of wheat, rye or reeds. As these properties were built by farmers, the material used in the construction comes from the region.

  • Villas: you will find in this town many detached houses of very large dimensions. Their main features are the following ones: white walls, 5 rooms or more, flat tiled roof, a piece of land surrounding the property - mainly lawns - with attractive borders, trees and shrubs. These villas are almost always located on the edge of a stunning countryside. This kind of investment is very interesting as you can still renovate the property and make its value increase!

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