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Being the administrative capital town of the Finistere department, Quimper is a nice Breton town. The town’s name comes from the Breton word “kemper” and originates from the junction of 3 rivers (the Steir, the Odet and the Jet Rivers). In the Breton language, “kemper” means “confluent”. Quimper has a strong Breton character, the Quimpérois (the locals) enjoy celebrating this Celtic heritage… Let’s discover this rustic town full of history where the atmosphere is great all year round.


Quimper’s history is very long as the town was first founded by the Romans. This town is the oldest one of the Brittany region! It has always had an important role: today the préfecture of the Finistere department, it was formerly the capital town of the Breton historical region of Cornwall (not to be confused with the Cornwall British area, though both are linked). You will definitely enjoy strolling in the cobbled streets of the old town - along the river Odet - seeing little bridges crossing this river and gazing at the beautiful medieval half-timbered buildings and monuments. Quimper’s fortifications are also worth a visit.

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QuimperImmobilier & Property Market Trends

Property prices in the Brittany region are pretty accessible, even if some other regions offer cheaper properties. There are still important disparities, depending on the popularity and location of the towns.

As far as Quimper is concerned, the property market is pretty stable. It has been slightly - and gradually - increasing for several years, but there are no spectacular changes. In 2009, the square meter goes for around €1,700 / square metre for a property to buy in this town. You should plan to invest about €154,500 if you purchase a house in Quimper. Renting a house or an apartment there is affordable given the location, as it costs €9.35 / square metre.

You will pay between €1,130 and €1,850 / square metre for an ancient apartment to buy, depending on the location and the number of rooms. The south of the town is much cheaper than other parts. Buying a new apartment in Quimper will cost you more of course. Indeed the average price is between €2,680 and €3,300 / square metre. But there are many bargains to drive in Brittany…just take your time to find your dream house at an affordable price!

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Quimper

Quimper is a town full of art and history that you will enjoy discovering. Breton traditions are omnipresent in this very lively town of Finistere.

  • Sights: there are plenty of monuments to stare at in Quimper. The Saint-Corentin Roman Catholic Cathedral, numerous churches (Locmaria, Saint-Mathieu, Kerfeunteun, Ergue-Armel, etc.), the Fine Arts Museum and the medieval fortified walls and houses of the old town centre are really worth a visit.

  • Local produce: Quimper is renowned for its faience. Indeed, pottery has been produced in the town since the 17th century. Do not miss a visit of the Faience Museum! The town’s crêpes and cider are amongst the best ones in Brittany. Quimper also produces copper and bronze works as well as hosiery, leather, paper and woollen goods.

  • Festivals: as in many French towns, there are plenty of festivals and events in Quimper, especially during summer. One of the most famous is the festival de Cornouaille (Cornwall Festival, traditional dance) which occurs in July and lasts one week. Through summer, you can attend improvised concerts in the streets with pipers, accordion players and Breton singers. These concerts are very pleasant and bring you at the heart of the Breton culture.

  • Location: situated at the intersection of several national and secondary roads (RN165, D785, D765 and D783), about 67km (41mi) of Lorient, 215km (134mi) of Rennes and 560km (348mi) of Paris. You can also reach this town by train using the TGV high-speed line Paris-Quimper (via Le Mans, Rennes and Vannes) or the TER Bretagne (regional train network). Public transport in Quimper is well-developed with an important network (7 urban bus routes and 16 suburban bus routes). There is also a special bus route during summer to allow people to go to the beach.

Property Styles and Architecture in Quimper

Quimper is a town with a rich patrimony including for example the Saint-Corentin Cathedral, ramparts, museums, 17th century properties, etc.

  • Half-timbered houses: the Finistere department offers plenty of these beautiful colombage houses, which are a real legacy of the Middle-Ages (15th - 16th centuries). The use of wood is a key element of this architecture style. Walls are made of a slab being a mix of cob and stone. You will for sure be able to find a colombage house in Quimper that fits your needs.

  • Stone farmhouses: dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, these typical Breton properties are full of character. Composed of a unique stretched-in-length room, these farmhouses also have small-sized windows and an opened courtyard. A stable is stuck to the house, the roof of which is thatched.

  • Longère houses: it is common to see such properties in Brittany, as it is one of the typical architecture styles of the region. These rural houses made up in granite, the outbuildings of which are laid out in a row have thatched or slated roofs and a rectangular shape. In contrast with the farmhouses, there is no courtyard in front of the true longere houses.

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