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Dinard is a coastal resort much renowned amidst Brits. The town is located along the Emerald Coast where Saint-Malo and Cancale are also situated. Dinard is separated from Saint-Malo by the Rance estuary. This town is the 4th agglomeration of the department with 25,000 inhabitants. Like Saint-Malo, Dinard has a fast access to the Channel Islands (15 minutes through the neighbouring airport, 1h by boat).


The town is easily accessible through the high-speed train line (less than 3 hours to reach Paris) and thanks to (toll-free) motorways. Dinard was a simple fishermen’s village before the arrival of the British during the late 19th century. They really contributed to the development of the area by building holiday cottages and grand villas. Dinard then developed very quickly and became a trendy coastal resort famous in the whole of Europe until the 1930s, when the French Riviera began to be renowned.

Dinard is definitely a holiday town. It has many assets such as its several beaches, casino, charming seafront, many refined gardens and sport and leisure facilities. The town resembles in fact the coastal resorts you can find on the English southern coast such as Southend-on-Sea, Hastings or Brighton. Dinard is often simply described as an elegant town.

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Dinard Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Prices in Dinard are very high, almost extortionate: €3,644 / square metre on average. It is true that there are many villas in the coastal resort and that it is difficult to find a modest property in the area. Prices seem to go down slightly this year, which will open new opportunities for prospective buyers. More accessible goods are ancient 3-room apartments, with average prices / m2 being around €2,630. New-build apartments and studio flats are much dearer with €3,740 /sq m.

Many villas are listed as architectural, cultural and historical gems, which uphold the market in the area. As said previously, Dinard is an ideal sea resort but does not develop its Breton roots as much as other towns in the region. It is in fact much more British - culturally, at least - than it is Breton. So if you are in search of very traditional houses and Breton lifestyle, you may do a more clever choice by choosing Saint Malo instead of Dinard.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Dinard

Dinard has a lot to offer to its inhabitants:

  • Coastal resort: Dinard is a wonderful and quiet seaside resort where you will enjoy spending time thanks to a warm climate due to the Gulf Stream on which the city lies. The town has many sport clubs and leisure activities on offer, related to sea and the ocean, such as the beach of Longchamp, which is renowned as a surfer's spot, or various nautical activities available alongside the coast.
  • Transport links: you can access the town easily by train, car, air or boat, this means that Dinard is ideal as a holiday destination. Good news for buy-to-let investors. Holidaymakers will also be able to visit the whole of Brittany as well as Jersey/Guernsey and make the most of their stay. The towns of Pleurtuit or Saint-Malo are nearby and the Dinard Pleurtuit Saint-Malo airport is about 4 km south of Dinard.
  • Good investment: real estate in France is still a very good investment. Plots of land are also a good investment option as land prices in France are stable, generally they even go up. Moreover, Dinard's population in the summer is generally multiplicated by four which shows how great of a touristy region that is. Why not invest in the area?
  • Culture, art and historical heritage: Originally, Dinard was part of the parish of St-Enogat. In the late 19th century, the resort became popular with the British wealthy who built magnificent villas on the coast. Dinard rapidly expanded and became the most popular seaside resort in Europe.Today, Dinard is considered the one of the most "British" of sea resorts in France, however it has retained its French charm.

Property Styles and Architecture in Dinard

  • Grand British villas: villas in the area gather many different architecture styles such as half-timbered, stone or brick walls. Sometimes, walls are partially painted. These villas are always very elegant and built on several storeys. They recall ancient manors and many of them offer a view over the town and the sea. Inside, they are generally refined and remind us of the spirit of the late 19th c. No wonder why prices are very high!
  • Fishermen’s properties: in Dinard, fishermen’s houses are made of exposed stones, of bricks and slates. They have only a ground floor and sometimes a garden. Inside they can be very modern though and they obviously offer all the mod cons. Painted shutters often add the final touch to their very cute style.
  • Apartments: many holiday apartments can be bought in Dinard. You have the choice between properties built in the 1930s and more modern ones. They generally offer an oustanding view over the sea. Prices can be high, around €400,000 for an ancient 90 m2 apartment for instance. These properties are ideal for holidays or to let all-year round but especially in summer obviously.

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