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Fougeres has always had a role of ‘keeper’ of Brittany. The town indeed is at the very easterly border of the French region, very close to Normandy and Maine areas. It has 23,000 inhabitants. With its impressive ramparts and medieval aspect, Fougeres has a very strong architectural style. For instance, you will see some half-timbered houses in the town centre, which is the very medieval building technique. The town itself is laid out on two levels separated by granite cliffs.


The environment around the town (dense forests) does reinforce the ‘medieval’ ambience. The forest of Fougeres spreads over 3,706 acres. Fougeres also has ponds on offer. Neolithic monuments are visible in the forest, you can access them through pathways.

The life in this town is thus very traditional of the Breton lifestyle and still much preserved. However, Rennes is not that far and boasts a good economy, a good opportunity to commute and preserve your quality of life. The area can otherwise be ideal as a buy-to-let investment place with definite nature and Breton authenticity assets.

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Fougeres Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Houses in Fougeres are often pretty rustic but full of charm. Many potential buyers may consider the town as being too remote, and property prices are thus very low: €1,389 / sq m on average in 2008-2009. This represents 50% of the departmental average. Property prices in Fougeres are thus very reasonable. Rental prices are also very moderate with a mere €8.45 / m² / month. Despite its very authentic style, the town does have 50% of apartments, and not only houses. An ideal town for buy-to-let investments.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Fougeres

Fougeres is definitely the type of charming Breton town which will seduce you. Hopefully, buying there is not a bad choice as the town has many assets.

  • Natural heaven: the name of the town itself refers to a type of plant, the bracken. The town is surrounded with thousands of acres of forests - a sound environment for all the family - which can be visited by foot, bicycle or riding a horse. The mayor and its team also strive to offer great gardens and parks that once inspired poets and writers who lived in or visited the area such as Chateaubriand or Victor Hugo.
  • Outstanding architecture: when walking up in Fougeres you might think that you went back in time during the night. Why not buy one of these traditional houses yourself? Their value does not depend on trends or on the stock exchange’s condition so that you can protect your investment from their fluctuations. Obviously, letting a property in the area is also a cunning choice given the style of the town and its natural and architectural assets.
  • A vibrant cultural life: festivals and fairs are organised all year round in Fougeres. To quote some of them: the ancient Cars Festival and Race, the Flambées Musicales (music and concerts), the Fougerelles (exhibition of local produce and diverse products), Salon du livre Jeunesse (youth books show), etc. Many choirs are invited and concerts take place during the year.

Property Styles and Architecture in Fougeres

  • Half-timbering houses: these houses are obviously in harmony with the town as they boast a medieval design. Half-timbered properties in Fougeres follow the classic timber architecture style: walls of granite (exposed stones often) downstairs with half-timbered walls built over them to avoid any humidity transfer. Cob mix inserted between pieces of wood and painted, usually in yellow. Roofs are steeply pitched. Corbelling structure, many windows and a welcoming general appearance are the other characteristics of these houses.
  • Stone properties: many stone properties are available in the town. Their assets are foremost exposed stones, (a kind of tuf seem to be used on some of them around doors and windows). These houses are very elegant too with, often, outside stairs or other parts of the house which are painted. On the roofs, flat tiles or slates are used, this is typically Breton.

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