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Chateadun is a small town of Eure et Loir, part of the Centre region. The French commune accounts for 14,000 inhabitants. The town has a rich historical past and lies on the border between the Perche and Beauce areas. The town’s name means ‘castle’ and its medieval streets and properties recall the past of the Eurelienne town.

When it comes to property, Chateaudun’s town centre offers gorgeous properties made of stones like tuf and many half-timbered houses. The town is very ancient and properties have much character and style. Close to Paris, the French commune is a real medieval town with lots of inexpensive properties to offer.

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Chateaudun Immobilier & Property Market Trends

French property costs on average €3,200 / sq m in 2009. Property in the Chateaudun area is worth €1,743 / sq m. Below is a table showing some convincing figures about Chateaudun’s inexpensive properties.

Chateaudun Chartres Eure et Loir Dept Centre Region France Paris
1,743 2,550 2,430 2,159 3,200 6,500

When it comes to apartments, Chateaudun, located an hour and 40 minutes away from Paris, offers very inexpensive property. The average price of flats in the French town is €1,150 / sq m. This has to be compared with the surrounding locations:

Chateaudun Nogent le Rotrou Chartres Eure et Loir Dept Centre Region France Paris
1,150 1,230 2,110 1,910 1,810 2,390 6,520

Low apartment prices make it easy and a safe bet to invest in the area, renowned for its touristy assets.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Chateaudun

  • Tourism – sights: the town and the environment around are quite appealing to holidaymakers and newcomers. Chateaudun offers very pleasant old quarters in a Renaissance style, narrow cobbled streets lined with half-timbered properties. Chateaudun also offers interesting museums, one of which has 2,500 bird species to show. In the very town centre, grottos can be seen, which recall the past of the town, outstanding venues! The neighbouring Beauce and Perche areas are also wonderful natural wonders that you will love visiting by a sunny day.

  • Climate and weather: climate in Chateaudun is a temperate one, undergoing influences from the west and east at the same time. There are very few storms in the area, way below the national average. The average temperature is around 10°C, the coldest month being January (3°C), the warmest being July (18,2°C). the countryside around is very pleasant and this calm environment draws quite a lot of Parisian holidaymakers in search for quietness. This makes it a safe choice to invest for a buy-to-let.

  • Architectural style: the town centre is simply stunning with architectural wonders everywhere, catching the eye of the passers-by. This does not mean however that property prices are high, which is the icing on the cake.

  • Location – transport network: Chateaudun is in the middle of a circle composed of the following towns: Chartres, Blois, Tours, Orleans, Alençon and Le Mans. By car, the A11, A10 and A71 motorways link the town to these cities and others (Paris…). By plane, Tours airport is the best situated and inexpensive flights are operated from Stansted. Orly airport is also within 90km. Trains are available from the town, leading to Paris Massy TGV high-speed train station. From there, Eurostar links are also available.

Property Styles and Architecture in Chateaudun

Chateaudun still retains its incredible medieval charm, still overlooked by the castle, a hundred years later.

  • Half-timbered property: in the town centre, these properties are great examples of the half-timbered techniques. Doors are often sculpted with wonderful decorations. These houses are built with the old technique of pebbles or brick walls upholding the half-timbered part itself. Roofs are covered in flat tile or slates. Property in Chateaudun is much preserved thus the condition of most houses is simply stunning. Properties can also be found in the countryside around the town. They then offer large pieces of land and prices are still moderate.

  • Stone properties: many different types of stone houses are visible. The demand for such properties is sustained and makes it easy to rent or sell property.

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