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Lucé is a French commune of 16,450 inhabitants, part of the Eure et Loir department and Centre region of France. Lucé is the third largest town of Eure et Loir, after Dreux and Chartres. Located only 60 miles from Paris, Lucé is also connected with Orleans and Tours, the main economic centres of the region. The French commune is also part of Chartres’ agglomeration.

Located next to the stunning Chartres, Lucé benefits from this proximity and also from the great outdoors bordering it: the Beauce plains. The latter is mainly composed of flat or gently rolling golden fields. The rural idyll within a stone’s throw from the French capital city.

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Lucé Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, property prices in France are €3,200 / sq m on average. Lucé offers property at about €2,100 / sq m. Property in the neighbouring Chartres costs €2,552 / sq m when the department average shows €2,430 / sq m. These property values have to be compared with prices in Paris, often being over €6,500 / sq m. Paris is reachable by train in 60 minutes so anyone can potentially commute.

The rental potential of Lucé is also important thanks to the neighbouring Chartres, which has definite tourism assets. Apartments in Lucé are generally worth €2,110 / sq m on average. Studio flats are the most expensive (€2,440 /sq m) when 3-bedroom apartments are (relatively) inexpensive with €1,820 / sq m. An excellent investment in this up and coming area of France.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Lucé

  • Good food: the area has plenty of gastronomy delights to offer. The pâté de Chartres pork delight, Mentchikoffs sweets or Cochelin brioche are only examples of the great local food and gastronomy specialties. There is also a local beer produced which will indulge your taste buds.

  • Tourism – sights: the area has plenty of potential, one of the most powerful and promising being the tourism success of the Beauce region and Chartres as well. The region represents the rural idyll, hardly one hour from Paris. Excellent investments can be made in the area, quite popular among Parisian weekenders and commuters. Still an up and coming area however.

  • Location – transport infrastructure: located between Paris, Normandy and the Loire valley castles, Lucé is well situated, within easy reach from the French capital. By train, it is easy to reach Chartres (33 daily trains), the duration of the journey being 1 hour. Eurostar trains to Paris are available and thus serve Chartres. The Parisian airports are also ideal if you plan to get to Chartres. Driving to Chartres is possible through one of the many French motorways, well-maintained and rarely busy.

Property Styles and Architecture in Lucé

Lucé combines town properties with farmhouses. Property styles are more or less the same than in the neighbouring Chartres, but Lucé does not have a medieval town centre. Stone houses are frequently seen, some of them are partially half-timbering, others have tuf stones or coloured stones (beige, grey). The demand for such properties is sustained and makes it easy to rent or sell property.

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