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Orléans is a big town (in fact playing the role of a city in France), part of the Loiret department and Centre region of France. It is home to 115,000 inhabitants, the agglomeration being home to almost 300,000 inhabitants. The town offers many different facets, being a very young one in the current France (50% of Orleans’ inhabitants being less than 40 years of age and 1/4 being less than 20) and offering a high number of buildings and monuments recalling its stunningly rich history such as the house of Joan of Arc. Along with this, Orléans benefits from the relative proximity of Paris (100km away) and thus has a quite healthy economy.

When it comes to property, Orléans is a very good investment, being close to the French capital city but offering very low prices when compared with Paris property. Property value is also increasing in Orleans given the steady demand. Definitely a very good place to invest as both people working in Paris or holidaymakers are interested in buying or renting Orleans property. Please read our property market trends belows to learn more.

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Orléans Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The average value of a property in France is €3,197 /sq m. Orleans offers properties at about €2,300 /sq m, when a property in Paris (1hr away) costs €7,024 /sq m. Properties in Orleans can be rented for €9.12 /sq m /month. Houses for sale in the town are mainly larger ones comprising at least 2 bedrooms. Prices are still moderate, a 4-bedroom property generally costing €200,000 for instance.

Apartments are very affordable too, a 4-bedroom apartment costing between €1,660 and €2,160 /sq m. Many Orléanais inhabitants thus choose to commute and work in the centre of Paris, where such an apartment costs up to €9,000 /sq m in some areas. It is thus little wonder to see that Orléans is chosen massively by commuters. Living in such a pleasant city just one hour from Paris is a very good investment indeed, and so calm at weekends. If you plan to buy-to-let, Orléans is a good choice, you can either let to a commuter or benefit from the strong touristy potential of Orléans’ area.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Orléans

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: Orléans is home to a number of buildings and architecture jewels. Indeed the town has been in the past the backdrop of many episodes of the French history. Nowadays, the town offers a plenty of cultural and histrocial activities, benefitting from the presence of Paris too. Orleans also has a range of insitutes dedicated to the arts, music and history. A great touristy asset and a set of places which make it very pleasant to live in Orleans. An investment there is really worth it.

  • Good food: Orléans has plenty of specialities on offer: the Cotignac is a soft jelly being a sort of paste made from quince, initially kings were fond of this speciality. Vinegar has been produced in the area for years as well. Orléans was a harbour in years gone by, this was thus massively sold in France and Europe. Vinegar is produced with the same grapes as the local wine, which explains the great flavour they boast. Mustard and a variety of cakes are other delights.

  • Wine and alcoholic drinks: the Orléanais area offers a beer called Johannique, made from malt from the Beauce area (a vast rural area mainly composed of forests) to the north of the town. Local honey is also part of the recipe. This beer is light and sweet. The local wines are not renowned but offer a plesant taste. Unlike Touraine, which is also part of the Centre region, the local vineyards struggle to be recognised but offer wines which were in the past cherished by kings. Wines produced in the Orleans area are whites and reds, being light and sweet ones with a low alcohol rate, some of them being however stronger. Some acid wines are kept to prepare a local vinegar. Varietals used are Chardonnay, Cabernet or Pinot.

  • Activities and lifestyle: living in the French commune means that many activities can be practised: sport lovers will be glad to have wide areas to practise cycling, hiking etc. and enjoy the modern facilities of Orleans. Nature lovers will explore the neighbouring forests, parks and gardens in and around the town. Culture lovers and clubbers will love the swift access to Paris beauties and resources, museums, clubs and bustling nightlife. Enjoying the countryside arund is also possible and makes it a great place to live. This is also a major reason why tourists choose the area.

  • Location – transport links: Orléans is ideally located: by road, access the town through one of the many motorways serving the northern harbours such as Calais. By train, tgv high-speed trains and Eurostar shuttles serve Paris and thus Orleans. By air, land in Paris, Beauvais, or in Tours, then get to Orleans in 55 mins. An aerodrome also serves the town and is open to light private and business jets. This swift access to the area is one of the definite assets of Orleans, which remains little-known and thus can be described, still, as an up and coming area.

Property Styles and Architecture in Orléans

Orléans offers a variety of property styles. In the town centre, many towns houses can be found which are inexpensive in spite of the area’s assets. Mansions are available. They offer high-standard accommodation and are built with stone, tuf being used to decorate the house. The layout of mansions is symmetrical, with very large dimensions and a high number of windows and doors.

Maisons de maitre are colonial-style properties. The layout is also symmetrical and the aspect is massive. Exposed stones can be seen. They generally have dormer windows and outbuildings. Sometimes, a pigeonnier (dovecote) comes with the house, giving it an even higher value. On the roofs, both tiles or slates can be found.

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