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Located at the heart of the Haute Saône department, it is also its capital and prefecture. In 2006 it accounted for 18,882 inhabitants split over 907 hectares. With its green surroundings and its typical atmosphere, Vesoul is a nice place to live in.


For a few years Vesoul has been living a constant development and therefore new economical spaces are regularly created. The PSA Peugeot Citroën site is both a production and logistics centre and is the first worldwide showroom for car spare parts. It makes Vesoul the capital of industrial logistics.

The Sainte-Catherine fair is an event taking place every 25th November. Particularly celebrated in Vesoul, it was first celebrated for the 25-year-old non-married girls, who used to invoke Sainte Catherine to help them finding a husband. Today the tradition wants them to be offered a usually very original hat by friends. Besides, it has become a commercial fair gathering more than 700 exponents of the Great East.

More than 250 shops are to be found in the town centre alone. Thanks to lots of developments implemented at the end of the 90’s along with its large limestone pavements and its southern planting, it really deserves its name of ‘Eastern Nice’.

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Vesoul Immobilier & Property Market Trends

After a big increase in 2007, property prices underwent fluctuations but finally stabilized. In the first semester of 2009, house prices increased by €300 /sq m while apartment prices remained stable. From April 2009, prices have begun to slightly increase, reasonably however.

With an average buying price of €1,197 /sq m, Vesoul offers good opportunities of bargain. As a town, the average buying price is higher than the department’s one (€1,308 /sq m) but still much lower than the French national price (€3,197 /sq m).

The property prices vary according to the type of property and to the district you want to live in. The average price for an apartment is €1,392 /sq m and €1,936 /sq m for a house (or €116,800 the house). Properties in the town centre are more expensive -the price /sq m is there circa €200 higher- and the ancient estates are usually cheaper.

Vesoul has plenty of plots of land to buy at very competitive prices. If you want to invest or build the property of your dreams, then it is the right time to do it!

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Vesoul

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: Vesoul is part of the Cités Patrimoine of Franche Comté, which are towns selected for their rich heritage. With its houses and town houses of the 16th and 17th centuries, the ancient district has a lot of relic of its past to visit. Three newly built buildings (the courthouse, the Hôtel Pétremand and the Hôtel de Salives) along with the obelisk fountain form a nice piece of refined and stylish architecture. As for religious architecture, the Saint-Georges Church is worth discovering for its beautiful ornamentation. The Georges Garret Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology has been created in the former convent of the Ursulines and is another place of interest not to be missed.

  • Activities: this town offers numerous nature linked activities. You can have a go at different sports like tennis, sailing, paragliding, parachute, riding, rollerblading, karting... And this is a non-exhaustive list. You can obviously stroll through relaxing landscapes, fish or bathe in the Lake of Vesoul-Vaivre, or if you want to enjoy more facilities, you can go to the Ludolac, an aquatic park which guarantees you lots of fun. For the amateurs, Vesoul has the only museum of motorbikes in Europe. With its flying club, it is also the good occasion for a first flight.

  • Up and coming area: Vesoul is living a strong economic growth and has been improving its infrastructures. The town is currently building a new station moulded from the airports, with lots of facilities aimed at making the waiting of passengers more pleasant. Its Peugeot site makes it the capital of industrial logistics. It benefits from its good geographical location at the crossroads of two major highways and will be at 30 minutes of the new high-speed train line Rhin-Rhône. Besides, by 2012 two new poles of activity will be created, adding to the economic potential of this town resolutely turned towards the future.

Property Styles and Architecture in Vesoul

  • Architect’s houses: they were built in the 20th century (most of them in the 60’s-70’s) and are marked with a contemporary style. The rooms are large ones and very luminous. They were designed by architects in accordance with all the owner’s wishes and therefore do not look like others. They are known to be treasures of originality.

  • Apartments: most of the apartments in Vesoul are quite recent. They usually have an equipped kitchen, two bedrooms or more and function with electrical heating. Very ancient renovated apartments are also to be found in the ancient district. Buildings are generally 3 or 4 storey high.

  • Traditional pavilions: these detached houses are light but nice structures built on an open area. They have a lot of windows, usually shed dormers. Their characteristic is to be built on a mound, with a buried basement, a ground floor and one or two floors. The entrance is allowed through the basement, where a garage and a cellar are always to be found. This type of property is mostly used as second house.

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