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Dole is a small town of Franche Comté, eastern France and near Switzerland. It belongs to the Jura department, of which it is a sub-prefecture. It accounts for 24,955 inhabitants called the Dolois. Town of Art & History, Dole is also a ‘medieval town’.


Located halfway between Dijon and Besançon, Dole benefits from a crossing position and therefore presents many assets. It is the largest and most populated commune of the Jura department.

The dominant colours of the town are blue and green. The Doubs River runs through it and it has been awarded the statute of Ville Fleurie, a distinction given to cities with a pleasant and peaceful green environment. Dole is a living town bordered with nature.

Administrative and economical centre, it nestles a branch of the Jura Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Its economy is mainly based upon services, especially health, education and retailing. However, the industry plays an important part.

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Dole Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In the beginning of 2009, the prices for the Dole estate underwent a sharp fall. Since they have arisen again and stabilized to the average price of €1,652 /sq m. It is really affordable compared to the national average price (€3,197 /sq m).

Dole accounts for 12,259 dwellings with an average area of 118 sq m. It tends to have more big areas; indeed most of the properties have four rooms. Property prices vary according to the type of estate. The average buying price for an apartment is €1,448 /sq m and €227,613 (or €1,757 /sq m).

Near Switzerland and crossing between the commercial roads of the department, Dole has been living for a few years a strong growth in the commercial estate demand. It could therefore be a good bonanza to invest in.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Dole

  • Culture and historical heritage: Town of Art & History, it has preserved a rich heritage. The Hôtel Dieu is an impressive building belonging to the Renaissance style built in the 17th century. Former hospital, it has today become a multimedia library. With numerous chapels and convents, sacred art is an important part of the town. The most striking is probably the Gothic Collégiale Notre-Dame with its outstanding organ, still active. Besides, several fountains are to be seen, some dating of Middle-Ages. These symbols of art give Dole an additional charm.

  • Activities: for cultural activities, you can visit the Museum of Fine Arts, which gathers collections of regional archaeology, ancient and contemporary art. You can also visit the former house of Pasteur and learn about his life and works. If you prefer activities in the heart of nature, you can go fishing or of course pleasantly stroll through the town. If you like sport, you can have a go at canoeing, mountain biking, hiking...

  • Lifestyle: charming little fortified town, Dole is called ‘medieval town’ and is marked with a unique atmosphere. With its picturesque places, its turrets and its blazoned portals, it reminds you of a forgotten time. The ancient centre especially is really worth to be seen. The scenery is just like in a painting and this land is the cradle of numerous tales and legends. Besides, the Doubs River and its canals run through the town and make of Dole a peaceful place to live in.

Property Styles and Architecture in Dole

  • Apartments: they are most of the time part of residential buildings. To be found both in the centre and at the outskirts, they have a medium size. A great number of them are rough areas or to lay out as one chooses.

  • Detached houses: Dole has the particularity to have houses in the heart of the town. Quite ancient ones, they are perfectly integrated in the scenery. At the outskirts, more recent ones are to be found. These latter have generally two storeys and a small amount of land comes with them.

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