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Delle is a small town of the Territoire de Belfort department in Franche Comté, east of France. It accounts for 6,246 inhabitants called the Dellois. Near the Swiss border, it is a peaceful town to live in.


Delle is the administrative centre of the Delle canton (a French administrative subdivision). It is part of the Belfort arrondissement, the only one of the department.

Its economy is mainly based upon the service sector, especially on public services. Shops are the second source of income. Being located not very far from Montbéliard, thus being strongly linked to its predominant car making economy, the first company of the town manufactures car spare parts.

Just like the rest of the department, Delle is renowned for its local gastronomy and famous for its tasty specialities, among which the cailloux des remparts. They are yummy cakes of praline chocolate with subtle hints of orange.

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Delle Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property prices rose until March 2009 and have since sharply fallen. With an average buying price of €1,560 /sq m, Delle properties are now very attractive. They are lower than the region average and twice cheaper than the national average (€3,197 /sq m).

Delle accounts for 212,800 dwellings, split quite equitably between apartments and houses. There, ou will find more big properties than small ones. The average area is 122 sq m.

As the estate prices in Delle are currently really cheap, it could represent good opportunities. It is the right time to invest in this town.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Delle

  • Regionally focused: the Maison des Remparts welcomes art exhibitions and once a quarter introduces promising local artists works. Delle is a town of tradition sustaining handcrafts and has successfully preserved them. The Saint Léger church has a typical regional onion dome steeple and astonishing organs really worthwhile seeing.

  • Cultural events: famous for its jazz programming, the Maison des Remparts organizes concerts in its vault, which gives them a peculiar resonance. As Delle particularly likes music, it regularly welcomes classic shows. Besides, it supports independent films and several ‘movie weeks’ take place about different topics.

  • Sports activities: the Fromentaux site is a big sports complex with numerous facilities. Near six tennis courts, the stadium allows playing track and field and football. This complex has also a gymnasium, a petanque court, a judo room as well as a shooting range. The aquatic centre for its part will let you enjoy the pleasures of water.

  • Historical heritage:Several monuments and constructions in Delle can testify of the very heavy History that region was part of. La Maison des Remparts built in 1576, La Maison des Cariatides built in 1577 or La Chapelle des Pasles made in 1782, destructed and rebuilt in 1898, are all proofs of the originality of that town.

Property Styles and Architecture in Delle

  • Apartments: they are to be found mostly in peaceful small co-ownerships which often have a janitor. Good located near shops, they usually come with a car park. These apartments are functionally laid out and the kitchen is fitted.

  • Detached houses: some are in the town centre but most are in residential and quiet districts. They are relatively recent and built on a complete basement. These houses always have a garage and sometimes outbuildings as well. They often come with a veranda and a small amount of land, generally enclosed.

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