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Haute Normandie is a French region of France located in the north of France. It is surrounded with Basse Normandie (Lower Normandy), Centre, Ile de France and Picardie. Upper Normandy is composed of tow departments: Eure and Seine Maritime. The region accounts for 1.74 million of residents i.e. 3% of the France’s population.


Haute Normandie is the youngest region of France, with 36.5% of under-25 inhabitants. Apart from being a young and dynamic region, it also offers great landscapes and unspoilt nature. Over 50 parks and gardens are part of the scenery and let people benefit from tranquillity.

The region is home to numerous and beautiful religious monuments: abbeys, churches, chapels… They have a Roman or Gothic style and are the witness of the region’s past. These sites attract each year thousands of tourists, seduced by restored stones and nature.

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Haute Normandie Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, a property is sold €3,197/ sq m in France. Haute Normandie offers affordable properties, prices being below the France’s average. For instance, property prices in Eure are €2,060/ sq m, i.e. over €1,000/ sq m less expensive than most properties in France. In Seine Maritime, property prices are higher than in Eure (€2,470/ sq m). However, this average remains reasonable compared with many others regions of France, such as the French Riviera.

Haute Normandie is ideal for those who are looking for a buy-to-let investment, since the average of tenants in the region is above the France’s average: 45.14% against 39.8%. But is some areas of the region, this average may reach 60% of tenants. Upper Normandy offers thus excellent rental opportunities in some towns and are an ideal placement.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Haute Normandie

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: Normandie boasts a rich historical past which can be seen throughout Upper Normandy’s monuments and landscapes. This lovely region of France attracted many famous artists such as Corneille, Flaubert, Maupassant, Monet, Picasso… It is the 1st region of France in terms of museum density and the 2nd as regards theatre density. Culture and history is part of the locals’ everyday life. Haute Normandie is the birthplace of impressionism: Monet painted a wonderful painting called Impressiom au soleil levant, worldwide renowned.

  • Natural sites: Haute Normandie is renowned for boasting gorgeous greenery. Nature in the area is displayed throughout the valleys, meadows, forests, white cliffs… Indeed, Haute Normandie offers unique landscapes such as a limestone wall. This panorama is probably the reason why many artists came in the region to paint. Furthermore the region is a great location for hiking lovers, who can go for a walk in the forest and admire the natural heritage.

  • Economy: Haute Normandie is a thriving and dynamic region of France. Its economy is powerful: it represents 60% of the national lubricant production, 50% of plastics, 30% of cars. Upper Normandy is the 4th region of France as regards foreign exchange market, the 1st region in terms of linen production and the 6th region for the research. Rouen’s harbour is the first French harbour for the exportation of cereals and flours. Le Havre’s harbour is the first French harbour in terms of containers and the 2nd in tonnage.

  • Location – transport infrastructure: one of the main asset of the region is its closeness to the French capital. Indeed, Paris is reachable in about 1 hour (depending on the location). By the way, the locals often go to work in the capital but live in Haute Normandie. From Paris, the region is thus easily accessible thanks to the high-speed trains or developed motorways. The two airports of Paris also offer a great number of flights all over the world.

  • Rental opportunities: some areas in the region are sought-after by tenants. The rental market is thus favourable to investors. Especially in cities or in large towns, buy-to-let investments are worthwhile. Many locations in Haute Normandie house over 50% of tenants, the French average being only 39%.

Property Styles and Architecture in Haute Normandie

  • Longères houses: originally built in the Brittany region, you can also find them in Haute Normandie. They are charming rectangular-shape houses with a slate-tile roof. The typical aspect of this type of property is that the back of the house faces the wind dominant direction. Longères come with a land, courtyard, garage... and outbuildings, which are always laid out in a row.

  • Half-timbered houses: these properties are traditional houses of the Alsace and Haute Normandie regions. The main elements of the property is constructed of wood (beams are often exposed both outside and inside) for protection and decoration. Half-timbered houses are very ancient and full of charm.

  • Brick houses: in Haute Normandie, you can find many houses made up of bricks, which are very similar to some English properties. When exposed, bricks give much character and charm to the home. However, some of the houses may have partially exposed bricks e.g. around the opening or at the top of the house.

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