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Eure is a French department of the Haute Normandie region, in the north of France. Its name comes from the eponymous river which runs through it. The prefecture is Evreux. The department was created during the French Revolution from a part of the Normandy’s province. Eure has borders with Seine Maritime, Val d’Oise, Eure et Loir, Orne and Calvados departments.


Eure boasts wonderful natural landscapes as well as a rich heritage. This department should seduce most of the nature lovers, as it offers an unspoilt natural heritage. Eure is committed in the protection of the environment, which may be seen throughout its numerous actions (policy, awareness campaigns…). Agriculture plays an important role in the department’s economy: it occupies 63% of its area.

Some areas in the department are worth visiting: the Château-Gaillard (about 6 castles to discover in Eure), Pointe de la Roque are some examples. Eure offers gorgeous scenery (forest, countryside, plain, valleys…) and most of its towns are full of charm and character. The department being close to Paris, most tourists come in the area during week-ends.

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Eure Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property prices in France in 2009 are €3,197/ sq m. Considering this average, property prices in the Eure department are affordable since around €2,060/ sq m. The current real estate crisis had a slight impact on Eure property market: prices dropped by €250 in some areas. This should be the right moment to buy a property there, either to settle or to let.

For those who are looking for buy-to-let investments, some of the towns of this department offer excellent rental opportunities. Evreux houses 67.4% of tenants and Vernon has 59.8% of tenants living in the town. Considering the percentage of tenants in France i.e. 39%, the average of these towns is high. An investment in Eure should be ths fast profitable to you.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Eure

  • Lifestyle: Eure seduces many people due to its number of assets. It gathers cosmopolitan life (many people driving to Paris each day for work purpose), tranquility thanks to the countryside… The French art de vivre is to be discovered in this lovely department of Haute Normandie. Furthermore, the department boasts a rich historical past (WWII).

  • Closeness to the sea: even if the Eure department does not boast beaches and coasts, you can reach the Channel in about one hour. This is a major asset for those who want to combine countryside and sea. Driving to the seafront, especially in summer, is very pleasant and will let you admire the coastal landscapes.

  • Location – transport infrastructure:as exposed previously, Eure is located near Paris, a hub in terms of transport. Thus, the department is easily reachable from any town, city or country. Landing in one of the two airports of the capital is probably the best solutions as flights should be more numerous. Then, you can join Eure by train (high-speed line) or by car. Another travelling option is the ferry, from Caen or Le Havre, which will lead you to one of the coastals towns of England.

Local Property Market: 4 Popular Towns

  • Breteuil property: this is a rural town only 100km from Paris. The town is thus easily reachable from any destination. Property prices are affordable and Breteuil is ideal for nature lovers willing to settle in a quiet area of Normandy.
  • Evreux property: this is the prefecture of the Eure department. Evreux is a lovely town full of parks and greenery, an idyll for nature lovers. The commune offers excellent rental opportunities for those who want to let. Property prices are affordable, especially considering its location (close to Paris).
  • Gisors property: this is a dynamic town which holds an commercial past. Its economy has always been thriving and the commune attracts many people. Its offers good rental opportunities and is a great location for investors.
  • Vernon property: this town has a rich historical past which will probably seduce history lovers. Its architecture is also typical and charming, with half-timbering houses, longères and brick properties. Vernon offers good rental opportunities, but this is also a pleasant location for those who lover nature.
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Property Styles and Architecture in Eure

  • Longère houses: these rectangular-shape properties can be found all over the Eure department. They are large houses coming with a land, garage, fireplace and often outbuildings (they are all laid out in a row). Longères have a sloping roof with shed dormers. They are typical charming houses ideal for families.

  • Half-timbered houses: even if originally from the Alsace region, Upper Normandy and Eure also boasts these beautiful traditional properties. Wood is the main material used for the key elements of the home, and the rest of the property is often constructed of Granite. Cob and stone mix may be however used for some of them.

  • Brick houses: many properties in the department are made up of red bricks, which give more charm to the house when exposed. Sometimes, bricks are exposed only on some parts of the property, e.g. around the openings (windows, door), at the top (floor)… They are similar to English houses which have also exposed bricks.

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