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Gisors is a town of the Eure department, in the Haute Normandie region (Upper Normandy – north of France). Its closeness to the French capital allows people to work in Paris and live in the town. The Epte River flows through Gisors, the latter being the confluence area of the Troesne River and the Réveillon Stream.


Gisors is a typical Norman town boasting numerous gems. Its unspoilt nature (forest, valley) offers a variety of colours and landscapes. That’s why the scenery was the favourite framework of many famous painters (Monet, Picasso, Sisley).

Gisors is a thriving commune accounting for 12,000 inhabitants. It is said to be a pleasant location to live in: quality of life, economic development, respect of the local heritage and modern-minded are its major assets.

When visiting or living in Gisors, some monuments are a must-see. The town being at the entrance door of Normandy, it boasts a rich historical past and gorgeous cultural sites: stronghold, church, chapel, archaeological vestiges, historical centre…

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Gisors Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property prices in France in 2009 are €3,197/ sq m. In the Eure department, property prices are below the French average: €2,060/ sq m. Buying a house or an apartment in Gisors is thus affordable and bargain can always be driven. Furthermore, the current economic and property crisis had an impact on the local market: property prices have dropped by €300/ sq m since late 2007.

The real estate market in the town is favourable to let investments (59.4% of tenants in the area). The demand in 3-room properties is high, but 4-room dwellings could also be a good placement. An apartment is usually sold between €70,000 and €150,000. For those who plan to settle in the area, a house should cost between €140,000 and €235,000. However, prices may vary depending on the condition of the house, location, area…

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Gisors

  • Environment: Eure is a department full of sceneries and natural sites. The Conseil Général is committed into the preservation and the protection of this environment. Gisors boasts a so-called Voie Verte, a path for cyclists, pedestrians, joggers, people rollerblading and disabled people only.

  • Economy: located at the junction of 3 regions (Haute Normandie, Picardie and Ile de France), Gisors has always been a contact point between Upper Normandy and its neighbours. Situated at the heart of the Parisian basin, it boasts a privileged situation thanks to its closeness with the main economic centres. The town is an ancestral shopping centre, an economic attraction pole and an employment basin. A major asset of Gisors is its constant expansion.

  • Location – transport infrastructure: Gisors is only 70km from Paris, a hub as regards transport. Landing in one of the two airports of the French capital is thus probable the best solution. The choice in flights is large and the access to the town easy. The town is also close to the main harbour of Le Havre, from which you can travel by sea. Finally, numerous trains connect the town to Paris-Saint-Lazare.

  • Rental opportunities: as exposed previously, nearly 60% of the inhabitants of Gisors are tenants. The property market in the town offers thus great rental opportunities. This is a good location for those who are looking for a buy-to-let investment. The number of tenants in the town may be explained by the closeness with Paris, many people travelling each day to the French capital for work purpose but prefer living in the countryside.

Property Styles and Architecture in Gisors

  • Town houses: they are most of the time located in the town centre and are thus close to all amenities i.e. shops, schools, bus stops… Some of them are renovated. They may come with a garden (sometimes planted with trees), fireplace, attic, cellar and garage. Some of them are renovated. Town houses are perfect either for lets of as a second home.

  • Longères houses: these charming properties have a rectangular shape. In Gisors, the influence of the Breton longères is clearly visible. They are built in length, the roof is made of slate tiles and they come with a courtyard, land, cellar, outbuildings… You may find such properties of different size, large ones being ideal for families. Shed dormers are also typical from longères, but are in general present on most Norman properties.

  • Brick houses: they are often detached properties located in the surroundings of Gisors. As their name suggests, they are made up of brick, which are most of the time exposed. They are similar to English typical houses and may be found all over the Eure department. Inside, beams may be exposed as well as bricks, especially around the fireplace.

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