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Evreux is a French town of the Eure department, north of France. With 54,000 inhabitants, it is the third town of the Haute Normandy region (also called Upper Normandy) and the prefecture of the department. Evreux is situated in the Iton valley at the heart of the large eponymous forest. Evreux and its agglomeration are served by 10 buses. They let you move in the town and its area quite easily. Only 96km from the hub of Paris, Evreux is very easily accessible from any destination.


Located half way between Paris and the Norman coast, Evreux gathers tradition and modernity, nature and culture. It is a dynamic town of the countryside, known during the Antiquity as Mediolanum Aulercorum, a tribute to the Gaul tribe named Aulerques Eburovices (the first inhabitants of Evreux.

Strolling in the thousand-year-old city will let you discover some of its gems: religious monuments (monastery, cathedral, church, convent), architecture (town hall, fountain, theatre, belfry), archaeology (museum) and art (La Maison des arts). Not to forget the numerous parks and open spaces of Evreux, ideal to have a walk.

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Evreux Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, a property in France is sold €3,197/ sq m. Prices in Evreux and in Eure are lower (€2,057/ sq m). Normandy is a renowned and sought-after area amongst the Brits due to its history and environment. Investing in Evreux will let you go back to the UK easily thanks to the closeness. Furthermore, prices are not so high and you should easily find bargains.

Evreux is the perfect location if you are looking for a thriving place to settle in. But this is also a great town for those who want to let: 66% of dwellings are apartments and 67.4% of the inhabitants are tenants. Considering the French average of tenants i.e. 39.8%, we can deduce that Evreux offers excellent rental opportunities. For those who want to live in quiet places, the surroundings will offer you tranquillity and beautiful scenery.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Evreux

  • Historical heritage: the commune has a rich and tragic history. The Normans invaded Evreux in 892. In 1120, the town was devastated by Henri I, King of England and burnt by Philip II Augustus in 1194. During the Hundred Years’ War, the town is invaded by the English king Henri V but went back to the French sovereignty 22 years later. Then, the reconstruction started and the result is still visible nowadays.

  • Economy: Evreux is an attractive place in terms of economic sectors. GlaxoSmithKline is a British-American pharmaceutical industry (no. 2 in the world) based in the town. The famous Editions Atlas is also settled in Evreux (no. 1 in the edition of cultural items). Finally, the commune is also home to an air base, located 3km east of Evreux.

  • Greenery and ecology: Evreux boasts one of the best preserved / maintained open spaces in France. It is said to be the 2nd green town of France thanks to its parks, wood, hills, racecourse, gold course, the so-called Ligne Verte (a wonderful hiking path), watercourses and watersides. Leaving in the area is thus pleasant and will probably seduce most of you. Evreux gathers quality of life, economic dynamism and charm of the countryside.

  • Events: on June, the Rock dans tous ses Etats takes place in the town. This rock festival welcomes each year numerous artists such as Olivia Ruiz, Tryo, A Place to Bury Stangers, the Aggrolites… as well as many visitors. Another concert in May, called the Concert du Printemps include Russian dances, African symphony, French songs, orchestra and so on.

  • Activities: the beautiful surroundings may be discovered either by foot or by bike. Bicycles may be rented and numerous tours are available. Evreux is an idyll for nature lovers who will be seduced by the beauty of the area: small valleys, ponds, wooded plateaus, rivers… But others activities may also be practised like accrobranche (tree climbing adventure), canoeing, horse riding, fishing, swimming, golf…

Property Styles and Architecture in Evreux

  • Apartments: as exposed previously, over 65% of the dwellings in Evreux are flats. This should thus be easy to find the one which fits your expectations. These properties may come with a cellar, garage, balcony, parking. A major asset is their location: close to all amenities i.e. railway station, schools, bus stops, shops… They are built either in residences or in buildings.

  • Detached houses: such houses may be of different types (one-storey property, cottage,…). However, most of them have shed dormers on the roof, a piece of land, terrace and garage. The roof can be either made up of red tiles or slate tiles. The latter are probably an influence from the Brittany region where roofs are all built with slate tiles.

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