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Breteuil is a French 3,473 inhabitant town located in the south of Eure, a department of the Haute Normandie region. Sometimes called Breteuil-sur-Iton, the commune is situated 100km to the west of Paris, 80km to the south of Rouen and 80km to the north west of Chartres.


The local scenery in Breteuil is mainly composed of immense plains and beautiful forest massifs. The town boasts some beautiful monuments: Saint Suplice church is a Roman-style edifice, the feudal motte-and-bailey (a fortification) was built in 1055 by William I of England (born in Falaise, a town of the Calvados department), Jacques Laffitte bust (a French banker and politician)…

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Breteuil Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, a property in France is sold on average €3,197/ sq m. In the Eure department, property prices are below the France average (around €2,060/ sq m). Breteuil is a lovely rural town ideal for countryside lovers. In the area, prices are slightly below the department property prices. Indeed, a property there should cost approximately €1,950/ sq m. This figure is neither high nor low, but properties in Breteuil are however cheaper than in others areas of the department such as Rouen where properties are sold €2,400/ sq m.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Breteuil

  • Activities: many sports can be practiced in Breteuil such as tennis, basket-ball, hand-ball, judo, karate, martial arts, football, athletics, fishing, petanque… The young are offered many cultural activities: music, chorus, dance, yoga and so on. The commune is also home to associations which organize events like a Plastic Arts Fair, Books and records celebration…

  • Lifestyle: settling in Breteuil will let you appreciate the French art de vivre. The peaceful town boasts many assets such as the quality of life, dynamism, numerous facilities and possibilities to practise sports and activities. Leaving in this rural commune will probably seduce most of you and especially nature lovers who will be able to stroll in the forest, plain or fields.

  • Location – transport infrastructure: Breteuil is well linked to Paris since only 100km to the French capital. The town is easily reachable from the UK, other French big cities as well as from the rest of Europe. Indeed, Paris being a hub, you can land in one of its two airports easily and then join the town by train (high-speed line from Paris to Evreux) or by car. Another solutions for the Brits could be to travel by Ferry, from Caen or Le Havre.

  • Culture and historical heritage: This very small town has a longer history than what we could think at the first sight. It has indeed been created in 1055 by William the Conqueror, and was at this time used as a fortificated place. You will be able to find a church originally dating from the 11th century, even tough it has been burnt down and reconstructed several times since then. In short, if you are interested in every cultural aspect of the History of the region you live in, you will be seduced by that one in particular.

Property Styles and Architecture in Breteuil

  • Longère houses: these properties are typical of the Brittany region but may also be found in the Eure department. In Breteuil, they have the same shape than the original Breton houses i.e. rectangular. Originally, the back of the house faces the wind dominant direction. The roof of longères is sloping and has shed dormers. They come with a land, garage, outbuildings and fireplace.

  • Detached houses: they are quite numerous in the area. Some of them are constructed of bricks, which are also exposed sometimes. Thus, it is frequent to see painted walls with exposed bricks around the windows and door or on all the top of the property. Shed dormers are built on the roof which may be made up of red tiles or slate tiles. They come with a land, fireplace, garage and sometimes outbuildings.

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