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Aubusson is located in Creuse, in the Limousin region. It is the subprefecture of the Creuse department and the third most important town of the area after Guéret and La Souterraine. Aubusson is also the administrative centre of the canton with the same name. Its 4,240 inhabitants are called the Aubussonnais. The name of the town probably comes from the Gauls - the word ‘Albucius’ meaning a steep place which is difficult to reach.


Aubusson is situated in the southern part of Creuse. The Creuse River and one of its affluents, the Beauze River, go through Aubusson. The town belongs - with 17 other towns or villages - to the urban area called communauté de communes d’Aubusson / Felletin. Aubusson is worldwide famous for its tapestries and carpets. It is the French capital town of the tapestry. Do not miss the tapestry museum! You will be said the whole history of this manufacture, from the Middle Ages to nowadays. A stroll in the narrow streets and lanes of Aubusson will allow holidaymakers to enjoy the architectural heritage and tranquillity of the place. Apart from being a charming rural French town, Aubusson is also a good base from which to explore the surrounding areas.

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Aubusson Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The Creuse department is renowned for being very peaceful and having an unspoiled nature. It is pleasant to live in this rural area, the locals of which are welcoming. Many people are eager to experience the French rural lifestyle and invest in this area. Property prices in the Limousin region are actually reasonable, thus there are many bargains to drive in Creuse and Aubusson especially.

As far as Aubusson is concerned, house prices are cheaper than in other towns of the same area. For instance, buying a house in Aubusson’s surroundings cost about €83,400 by the end of 2008, whereas the average price around Guéret is €94,600. There are few studio flats in Aubusson (3%), but many 3 and 4-room properties (60% in total). Buy-to-let investments are profitable as more than 54% of the locals rent their dwellings. With 11% of vacant properties, the choice is wide in this town.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Aubusson

Located in one of the most rural French departments, Aubusson and its surroundings have a real touristy potential. Holidaymakers will definitely appreciate the rich architectural heritage, tapestries and varied landscapes of the area.

  • Tapestry: as said before, Aubusson has been famed for its patterned carpets since the 15th century. Tapestry came from the Flanders. Tapestry has been produced for six centuries in Abusson and the surroundings. It reached its peak in the town during the 16th and 17th centuries after Colbert (French minister of finance under the rule of King Louis XIV) gave it the ‘title’ of royal manufacture. By the early 20th century, about 2,000 people were still working in tapestry manufacture. Today, 15 workshops are still producing all sorts of tapestries, from the copy of old tapestries to the creation of contemporary artistic ones. All the jobs linked to the manufacture of tapestry can be found in Aubusson: weavers, dyers, restorers, etc. Do visit the Departmental Tapestry Museum which has plenty of tapestries from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries that are worth seeing. The Maison du Tapissier (Tapestry-maker’s House) is not to be missed neither.
  • Outstanding heritage: Aubusson has a rich architectural heritage which shows the power the town had in the past. Granite is the most used in constructions. Monuments are decorated with round towers and turrets, doors dating from the Renaissance and wonderful iron balconies. The Tour de l’Horloge (‘ClockTower’ - an ancient observation tower), Maison des Vallenet (‘Vallenet’s House’ - 15th), fountain, the Quartier de la Terrade (‘Terrade’s quarter’ - historical quarter), etc. Many monuments are witnesses of the past of the capital town of Tapestry.
  • Transport links: the town is easily accessible by road with many motorways and national roads leading to the area (A20, A71, A75, A89, N141, N145, etc.). Train can also be a solution with regular national trains from Paris to Montluçon, La Souterraine or Limoges and then local ones to Aubusson. You may prefer to fly to Limoges international airport if you come from UK.

Property Styles and Architecture in Aubusson

  • Stone houses: many stone properties can be found in Aubusson. These authentic houses have exposed stones and beams inside. They have large dimensions, numerous rooms and a huge garden. The roofs of stone houses are constructed of flat tiles or slates.
  • Farmhouses: very similar to the stone houses (large dimensions, made of stone, etc.), these properties still have some special features. Barns can be found on one side or both of the farmhouse, or even detached. These barns - once renovated - can be used as a living or dining-room, bedrooms or even a ‘leisure room’ (e.g. playroom for children or pool /computer room). Some farmhouses are in need of renovation, some other are already refurbished and are of a great value.

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