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Rochechouart is a commune of around 4,000 inhabitants, located in the Haute-Vienne department, only 40km of Limoges. Its particularity is that it lies in a meteor crater, formed about 214 million years. 6 billion tonnes, 1.5km in diameter, 20km/s. These are the impressive data of the meteorite fallen 4km next to what is today Rochechouart. Nowadays, the town points out this fact and uses it to develop its tourism and its cultural aspect.


About the structure itself of the meteorite, almost nothing remains in appearance. The main richness and the originality of the area can be principally observed in its built patrimony. The rocks, specific to the town and its surroundings, are known from the population since ages. To really notice it, just look at the houses and churches, which asset its use. The oldest construction using this material is the Gallo-Roman thermae of Chassenon, which dates of the 1st century A.D.

Rochechouart is famous since a millennium, thanks to the illustrious family who bears its name and who impregnates its brand in a quarter of Paris. Its castle (13th – 15th century) today shelters a departmental museum of contemporary art. In terms of attractions, the area offers several possibilities of hiking, lakes, buildings… everything is assembled there to spend pleasant moments.

But tourism is not the only activity of Rochechouart, as it is also economically strong. Indeed, it takes place in the third employment area of the Limousin region, after Limoges and Brives.

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Rochechouart Immobilier & Property Market Trends

As attest the 10% of second homes that Rochechouart accounts for, it is a pleasant town where to live or to spend holidays. The tourism is quite dynamic, and thus, it is perhaps a good place where to open a business such as a guest house.

The properties are affordable, even the large ones, thanks to the cheap price of Limousin. Indeed, this region is one of the less expensive regions of France. At the beginning of 2009, the price for a property in Rouchechouart was not far from €1,400/ sq m, while the average price for France was not less than €3,200/ sq m! Furthermore, the price has been decreasing since more than a year. In December 2007, the price was about €1,800/ sq m.

Those looking for a large property to buy will be glad to learn that 92% of the dwellings are detached houses. In addition, 70% are properties with at least two bedrooms.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Rochechouart

Rochechouart is an interesting town. It is a place of history and many interesting vestiges can be found there. This, combined with the numerous activities you can do, makes it a wonderful place.

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: many religious heritages can be seen in Limousin, and so is it the case in Rochechouart. The Saint-Sauveur church was built during the 11th century and is a marvellous example of Roman architecture, in all its pureness and austerity. At the end of the 15th century, an octagonal tower was set up where a helical spire, very rare, was added during the 18th century. Inside the church, a beautiful fresco of the 15th century embellishes the walls. Another important church, the Saint Julien de Brioude one, attests the transition between the Roman (for the nave and the choir) and the Gothic art (vault). It was built between the 11th and the 13th century. Beside the religious heritage, the magnificent castle of the viscounts of Rochechouart stands on a rocky promontory. Its construction began in the 13th century, but some modifications, additions and embellishments were made the next centuries. Today, this impressive castle still has plenty of charm.
  • The “Ostension”: the Ostensions are a religious and popular tradition, deeply anchored in the history of Limousin, which exist since the year 994. They take place in Limoges and in 18 other communes. Since 1519, the ostensions became regular and happen every 7 years. The last one occured in 2009. In Rochechouart, they celebrate their patron « Saint Julien de Brioude ». The celebration begins with the church service for Easter Monday and the benediction of the flag. After the service, it is hoisted on the bell tower. The relics of the saints are then exposed to the veneration of faithfuls. During the period of the ostensions (Easter Monday to Pentecost) lots of exhibitions, concerts, vigils and conferences are organised. The day before the Sunday of Pentecost, a closing solemn mass is followed by a procession with torches around the relics in the old streets of the town. On Sunday, an imposing procession with 1,000 walk-on actors bringing back the life of the saints passes through the highly decorated streets. Every seven years, thousands of people attend this final ceremony.
  • Outdoor activities: lots of activities can be done in this welcoming region, but hiking and fishing are perhaps the most popular ones. Indeed, four hiking tracks which represent not less than 150km of walk are accessible. The lake of Boischneu offers pleasant moments of fishing. With an acreage of 7 ha., it is situated in a magnificent setting where it is simple to relax. Number of stunning lakes and parts of the Vienne river, very close to Rochechouart, are the perfect place to fish big carps!

Property Styles and Architecture in Rochechouart

  • Barns: several large stone and tiled barns can be found in Rochechouart. Depending on their use, the barns often need to be renovated and to be connected to water and electricity. Once done, they provide rustic dwellings with an interesting volume. The good point is that they normally come with a large area of land and cost for next to nothing.
  • Detached houses: the majority of the properties in the town are detached houses. In this rural area, houses constructed of stones are not rare and usually offer much place.

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