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Millau is a town of 22,000 inhabitants located in the Aveyron department. The name of the town became famous in France and elsewhere thanks to its viaduct inaugurated end 2004. The construction of this bridge was a real challenge, as it was supposed to cross a breach of a length of 2,500m and a depth of 270m at the highest point, with winds which can reach a speed of 200 km/h.


Great landscapes surround Millau, as it is situated at the heart of the Natural Regional Park of the Causses. Not far from the Roquefort cellars, this tasteful blue cheese internationally known, Millau is also near to the wild Tarn gorges and the Causses of Larzac. The area is like the rest of the department, it offers above all an amazing nature and the possibilities for several activities. It is really a privileged place to practice hang-gliding and paragliding, but also climbing. This can be attested by the world cup of climbing which took place in Millau once, as it was also the case for hang-gliding!

Millau is also a festal town, with more than 500 cultural events per year! The most amazing one is the illumination of the cliffs of the Pouncho d’Agast. Otherwise, you have theatre plays, dance representation or music festival, as the “Millau en Jazz” festival, which is no more only music but also dance, cinema and plastic arts.

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Millau Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The construction of the famous viaduct was positive for the economy of the town as companies now see an advantage in terms of transport, when it was an inconvenient before. We could have thought that it would be an increase of the population thanks to that. However, it didn’t happen and 10% of the properties are still vacant. As it is a town, there is a majority of apartments and only 41% are houses.

As you probably know, the Aveyron department is not very expensive. To buy a property in Millau, you will have to account for around €1,350 /sq m, which is lower than the national average price (€3,197 /sq m). With all the assets of the area, there are real bargains to drive.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Millau

Millau is a town which has an own identity. Thus, you will find a typical gastronomy and specific events which are good reasons to take an interest in this town.

  • Côtes de Millau wine: it used to be the area main source of prosperity for centuries. 60% of the wines produced in the surroundings are red, 30% are rosé and only 10% are white wines. Today the 40 ha of vineyards are cultivated according to centenarian tradition and know-how. The Côtes de Millau wine perfectly accompanies the traditional specialities but can as well be savoured alone at the sunny terrace of a café...

  • Petanque: the petanque is really a widespread sport in the south, and thus, in Millau. Everyone, younger and older, plays to petanque, a relaxing ball game which requires dexterity. Normally played on hard dirt or gravel, the aim is to throw metal balls as close as possible from a small ball called cochonnet. The atmosphere is friendly and a game is the good occasion to share lively and convivial time. It is really a popular sport and be sure that with the world cup of petanque 2009 in Millau, this tendency will not disappear.

  • Local produce: the trenèls are really a typical speciality of the region, as it is only produced there. It is a garnished paunch of lamb or ewe, closed with a string. Inside you have ham, carrots, celery, garlic and some herbs. You will hardly find so good trenèls outside Millau. Besides, the Roquefort cheese owes its incomparable taste to the local ewe milk. If you are more tempted by desserts, you should among others try the delectable flaune, a speciality made of ewe cheese, sugar, eggs, shortcrust pastry and orange blossom.

  • Natural sites & hiking: Millau boasts several natural sites not to pass by. Let alone stunning caves, the Gorges du Tarn and the Gorges de la Jonte are really impressive. The Grands Causses regional nature park for its part is a real heaven for nature lovers. There, infinite plateaux and stony landscapes create an unmatched atmosphere. Besides, the commune of has more than 3,000 km for hiking! Strolling, horse riding, mountain biking, kayaking on the river or even potholing, the choice is wide. Just go and discover the breathtaking landscapes!

  • The 100 km of Millau: it is the most renowned long distance race in France, but also the oldest 100km race. It is run on tarmac road every last Saturday of September. The beautiful landscapes in which the race takes place contribute to its popularity and every year, around 1,000 runners finish the race; which is not really a piece of cake. The heat, the change in altitude, or storms are hindrances difficult to cope with. As this race is also very prestigious, the successful runners are really proud of their performance. Besides, the atmosphere is truly one of a kind.

Property Styles and Architecture in Millau

The surroundings of Millau have a traditional architecture, which has a considerable small patrimony attesting the agricultural activity of the region, but also the craftsmanship and the industrial exploitation. Thus, you will find a myriad of mills, basements, low walls, huts… but in Millau itself, the architecture is different.

  • Apartments: with 22,000 inhabitants, Millau is a town and doesn’t have many rural properties as it was the case some times ago. With a proportion of 56% of apartments, properties in the town are quite modern. On the contrary, if you go outside of the town centre you will be able to find more houses.
  • Farmhouses: these rustic houses are usually made of stones and have a large chimney in the main living room, which give character to the house. These properties were used for the a rural exploitation, so it can be old sheepfolds or huge properties with outbuildings. Many properties are available and some are waiting to be restored, thus take up this challenge and make it a cosy house for you and your family.

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