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Aveyron is the largest of the eight departments that make up the Midi-Pyrénées region in the south west of France, named after the Aveyron river. It is also the fifth largest department of France and has a population of 274,000 inhabitants.

The three plateaux of Aubrac (highest point of the department at 1469m), Lévézou and Larzac compose Aveyron. Great landscapes and many opportunities for outdoor activities make Aveyron a famous area of France. Of course the Millau viaduct, the world’s tallest bridge opened in late 2004 contributed to its reputation.


One third of the department is composed of mountains, and the two other thirds are made of hills and wild gorges. Nature and wonderful landscapes really characterised Aveyron, with wild and amazing gorges, authentic medieval villages, high plateaux covered with meadows… For sure, lovers of great outdoors will like it! Thus, many activities can be done like fishing and swimming in the several lakes of the plateaux, horse riding and hiking. The rivers also provide more extreme sports.

Lots of medieval ruins or old monasteries perched on hills are witnesses of the past. More than 1,000 dolmens attest the former presence of the Celtic settlers, the Rutenii tribe.

Craftsmanship is also very present in the department, and plenty of various craft objects can be found locally. The best example is undoubtedly the Laguiole knife, which has an international reputation (Laguiole is a village of the Aveyron). Perhaps more famous than the knife, the Roquefort cheese is produced there as well. The best way to understand the variety of craftsmanship is to lounge around the weekly markets that take place almost everywhere in the region. You will see that it is a pleasure for the eyes and for the stomach, as they have a great number of tasty specialities.

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Aveyron Immobilier & Property Market Trends

It is a good idea to invest in Aveyron if you like the region. There, prices are fairly inexpensive in comparison with the national average. In some areas in the department property prices are decreasing, but it is not the case everywhere. In Rodez for instance, prices almost doubled at the beginning of 2007, then have been more steady until now. But don’t worry, with around €1,700/sq m, Aveyron remains an affordable department. This can explain why 16% of properties are second houses. People do not hesitate to buy there, in the south of France. Moreover, properties are really large with 69% of them having at least 3 rooms!

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Aveyron

  • Sport: Aveyron is a great place if you like all kinds of different sports, in particular extreme sports that nature can offer you. There, you will be able to do paragliding, hang-gliding, parachute jump, canyoning, kayaking, rafting, climbing, sailing, potholing or mountain biking. All these, thanks to the mountains, rivers and lakes! Of course, horse riding, hiking or golf are other activities that you can practise in the Aveyron.

  • Gourmet food: France is famous for its diversified gastronomy. In the Aveyron department, you find different specialities such as cheese (Roquefort, Perail, “Bleu des Causses”), some pastries as the “Fouace” or “Gateau a la broche” (cake cooked on a spit!) and Aligot, made with mashed potatoes blended with a bit of butter, crème fraiche, crushed garlic and melted local cheese.

  • Most beautiful French villages: in France, a typical label exists for the most beautiful villages. The village has to match around 40 criteria, hence it is really difficult to obtain it. The Aveyron has the chance to account for 10 of the 148 “most beautiful villages of France”, and thus is the department with the highest number of them.

  • Scenery: being not far from the sea and offering mountains, rivers and lakes, Aveyron is a department with splendid landscapes. It offers a diversity of sceneries which are always grandiose. Thus, only walking in the nature, you will feel relaxed.

Local Property Market: 3 Popular Towns

  • Millau property: really well situated in the national park of the Grandes Causses and at the beginning of amazing gorges, the town of Millau is above all known for its huge viaduct.
  • Rodez property: Rodez was created long ago and is rich in terms of heritage. Celts and Romans occupied the area a while, and left signs of their presence. A beautiful gothic cathedral from the beginning of the 16th century overlooks the town.
  • Villefranche-de-Rouergue property: this charming medieval bastide has a rich architectural heritage. The Aveyron river runs through it and adds in the same time a touch of authenticity.
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Property Styles and Architecture in Aveyron

Causses are a group of limestone plateaux in the Aveyron department but also in some neighbouring departments. Causses is the word used to describe valleys protected from the wind by mountains on one side, and benefiting from the sun beams on the other sides. In the Aveyron, the style of houses deferred depending on the plateau. Thus, you will find three different styles of Causse houses in the department.

  • Causse houses from Larzac: this kind of house is a farmhouse made of local stones. The home is generally high with a complex roof. Main characteristics are outdoor stairs and stone vaults. The particularity of this house is the presence of stone front steps or terrace carried by the entry vault of the sheepfold, accessible by an outdoor staircase. Sometimes it is covered by a roof, and it is where we enter the kitchen and the living room.
  • Causse houses from Severac: made of local stones, this farmhouse built in height is characterised by a complex roof, outdoor stairs and stone vaults. Usually with three floors, it has a small pediment window and sometimes a pigeon house. The home, sheepfold and attic are sometimes associated under the same roof, all with a small window. The access to the living room is made by an outdoor straircase.
  • Comtal Causse houses: this kind of stone farmhouse is constituted with long slopes roof. This farmhouse has an independant home with two floors of lodging. Their massif volume is commonly elongated and the front façade has a big door to formerly let the cart enter.

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