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Aurignac is a small town of Haute Garonne - Midi Pyrenees region – located in the Comminges area. The largest town close to Aurignac is Saint-Gaudens, in the South West. The Louge river crosses Aurignac.


Aurignac is rich of historical monuments to see. For instance, Aurignac cave is a Upper Paleolithic cave which was discovered in 1852 by Jean-Baptiste Bonnemaison. This discovery is very important for the archeology sector in particular as regards Aurignac’s vestiges. Numerous objects can be seen in the Aurignac Prehistory Museum. You may also go and visit Saint Pierre church and especially its porch and gate which have a Gothic style. The porch has four twisted pilasters, which is quite rare in France. The fortified bell lasts from the 16th century.

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Aurignac Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property prices in Aurignac are affordable considering its location. Indeed, the average price for a property is €1,100/square metre - the national average is €3,200/square metre. As a second home, a buy-to-let investment or even a main home, Aurignac is a pleasant location to buy a property. Some houses may need to be renovated but then represent a real bargain for handymen. Others are almost new built and the only thing you will have to do is put your luggage in your new property.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Aurignac

  • Location: as well as Saint Gaudens, Aurignac offers a good location since located near to Spain - about 70km from the Spanish border, to the slopes - about one hour, to the Atlantic Ocean - about two hours, to the sea - about two hours and a half and to the largest city of the department - about one hour. Any type of activity and travel is easily reachable from Aurignac and can satisfy the whole family.
  • Lifestyle: Aurignac combines the French southern lifestyle but also the countryside lifestyle. The sun and the fresh air of this small town make you feel good and you will soon notice that it is a pleasant town to settle in. You will immediately see the good side if life.
  • Nature and calmness: Aurignac offers amazing landscapes where you will enjoy living. This is a good way to be in complete harmony with the nature and your relatives. You will also discover interesting people and discover an absolutely different way of living. Quietness is one of the best assets of the town and hiking in the countryside or in the mountain allows to learn more about oneself.

Property Styles and Architecture in Aurignac

Aurignac has no particular architecture style. Thus you will find classic properties, but not without any charm! Furthermore, you can see the Pyrenees from Aurignac… don’t hesitate anylonger!

  • Village houses: they are often of large floorsize and landsize - with a garden and a garage or a courtyard. Beams and wooden frames are almost always exposed which give a charm to the house. You will also often find houses with a chimney. You may have some works to do but this will be an opportunity for you to choose both the inside and outside decoration and to follow the works from A to Z and thus not be disappointed of your new purchase.
  • Detached houses: as the village houses, detached houses often offer a large land in which you can find some fruit trees. They are often old houses and may need to be renovated. However, some of them have painted front and are partly renovated. Here again, the particularity is to have exposed beams and wooden frame. The house may also have outbuildings such as a barn or a warehouse.
  • Small cottages: a small farm, meaning that the size of the land as well as the size of the house is quite large, and that the cottage hold outbuildings. Located in the countryside, they offer a beautiful scenery - the Pyrenees - and a calmness. Doors, shutters, beams, counter… everything is made of wood. The floor is often composed of floor-lite, terra cotta lites.

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